Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Little bags

I finished sewing up four little wallet type bags and one drawstring bag last night.

I made this little drawstring bag for small knitting projects like socks or mittens. The inside fabric is one that I made when I did the marbling back in December.

Thanks to Sarah's good advice - I altered the way the drawstring opening worked on this bag. Instead of just leaving a hole at the top of the bag for the drawstring - I used a seam ripper and opened up the side seam to pull the cording through and added an extra round of stitches at the top of the bag. I think it looks much more "finished" doing it this way.

I also made 4 wallets/change purses

I just love this pattern. I made one mini wallet exactly as the pattern instructed. It's the perfect size for credit cards and money.

I then decided to alter the pattern to make a larger size. I'm thinking stitch marker holders? Needle holders? DPN holders? The ideas and uses for these little bags are endless! The one with the turtle fabric is my favorite!

I also used more of the marbled fabric I made:

Another alteration I did was to use velcro for the closures instead of snaps. I thought it would be easier to open and close and less chance of ripping the snap off or ripping the fabric by mistake. (Ask me how I know this! hehehe)

I will definitely be making more of these cuties soon. They are perfect for gifts too - so look out - you just may get one from me!


laura said...

That sure is a pretty turtle change purse.

Nittany Knits said...

I'm always getting my velcro closers caught on my knitting. Can't they make a velcro that doesn't like to eat yarn :-) What a great job on the sewing!

Princessdeia said...

They are fab!

I love the marbled fabric

Shelby said...

I love them!! I wish I knew how to make them! All the fabric I have... ;)

Giantsknitter said...

Very cute. I also like the way the drawstring looks now - it's much better.

Uh, Nittany, if velcro didn't grab on to stuff it wouldn't be very useful now, would it? :-)

Anonymous said...

I like the turtle one too! You picked great fabrics to work with, and all of your wallets look so cool!

K. said...

Beautiful! I love how the marbling came out! Very cool!

Jinann said...

I just LOVE the marbled fabric! Somehow, I missed when you made that. ...(or I'm having a "senior moment" and just don't remember - LOL)Did you take a class on that? Is it easy?

Byronicwoman said...

damn, girl! these are gorgeous!!