Friday, December 19, 2008

Free pattern - Neck Cowl

Anyone out there still trying to knit up quick Christmas gifts?! Here's one that will take you less than 3 hours to knit.... the Neck Cuff!

Perfect for a guy or a girl...

Neck Cuff

- Neck Cuff by Jody Scofield
Yarn - any worsted weight - I used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran
Needles - Size 7

The pattern couldn't be easier:

1. Cast on 96 stitches. (or any multiple of 4)
2. Join in the round on a size 7 US 16 inch circular needle.
3. Knit 2, Purl 2, around.
4. Repeat K2, P2 rounds until the cuff is 6 inches.
5. Bind off.

I bound off in K2, P2 so the pattern wouldn't be interrupted.

You can wear it as a neck cuff of course...

Neck Cuff

But it works great as a headband too!

Head Cuff

I hope you enjoy this little pattern - and make one for yourself too!

Neck Cuff


Stacey said...

I love it as a headband!!! So cute! A great stashbuster.....

Anonymous said...

I heart this pattern.
And the pic of you and hurley!

Anonymous said...

Adorable. Love the functionality too!

cici said...

Really nice and so practical. Thank you!

mrspao said...

I don't know why I was expecting to see a neck cowl on your cute doggie Hurley... Lovely pattern - thanks!

maitai said...

thanks for sharing it! i like it as a headband :)

Lynn said...

Love that - so perfect for cold weather!

Jinann said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing!