Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Get a bunch of knitting gals in a room together and there is bound to be silliness. Laughing, joking, sarcasm, and down right silliness. Here is an example of said silliness:

The reason this is such a bad blurry picture is because I was laughing way too hard to hold the camera still!

Last night I got together with Sarah, Jen, Coleen, Jolene and Erin for bit of knitting. We ate, we knitted, we shared stories and had a grand time!

In all seriousness - I am very lucky to have gotten to know such a great group of women. Thanks ladies!

Sarah made stitch markers for everyone too - aren't they cute?

I love the packaging - and the sheep stamp is just perfect.

While I was there last night - I worked more on my Central Park Hoodie. Over the weekend - I managed to finish the back, and now I'm not working on one of the front panels. I realized that I had somehow managed to put an extra row in every cable repeat in the back panel. I realized this because when I went to do the first cable on the front panel - it didn't look quite right. Why? When I pulled out the back to look at it and compare - I found that it didn't match! I went back and counted the rows in the cable chart and wouldn't you know it - I added a row (two actually - a knit and a purl row) to each repeat.

Well - I guess if I'm going to do the pattern wrong - I better be consistent! Because there is NO WAY I'm ripping out the entire back. I actually think I like it better the way I did it!

I also did some more spinning over the weekend. I worked on some of the silk roving Amie gave me. I am very proud of this yarn so far - it is much thinner and more consistent than my last batch.

I can't wait to spin some more! Even my hubby was interested in the spinning. (Which is more than I can say for his interest in my knitting!


Anonymous said...

Look at your spinning!!
Go Jody!
Thanks for the advertising.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jody, your central park hoodie is beautiful!! ::Sigh::

Coleen said...

I love that hoodie! Embrace the mistakes and realize that it just makes it more personal!

Nittany Knits said...

Your hoodie doesn't have a mistake, you have simply added a design element! It looks great so far!

Anonymous said...

The purple you are spinning is divine.

Nic said...

The roving is so pretty! And it's great that you are individualizing the pattern ;)

Amie said...

Spinning involves more guy-friendly tools, I think. For some reason it tends to be far more engaging to muggle men than knitting is.

Your work (knit and spin) is gorgeous! Good for you!

sheep#100 said...

Thanks for the book recs - and the cabled sleeve looks fantastic.