Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sew cool...

I've been surfing around on some different kinds of sites lately (sewing blogs) and I am finding such amazing things.

For instance....

I found the coolest little drawstring bags! I'm trying to improve my sewing skills (which totally suck right now!) and I thought that I could make some project bags for my knitting. After all - a sock-in-progress needs a nice home too :)

So - I'd share a few links that tickled my fancy with you. I actually made these last night. (I will post pics of my finished objects soon) I need to add a snap to one and perfect the drawstring opening on the other)

Change Purse

Drawstring bag

And, thanks to the lovely Sarah - AKA sewing superstar, I will be perfecting my bag with an improved method for doing the drawstring closure.

Until I fix it - you'll have to be satisfied with the links... pictures will be coming soon though!

Wait - there's more!

I also am overwhelmed with all the cool stuff you can make from this monster list of bag tutorials on Craftster!


There are some talented people out there!

I'm on the lookout for more cool purses and project bag tutorials - if you know of a good one - send it my way!



Anonymous said...

Cant wait to see MORE Javajem bags!

Nic said...

Drill down the stuff I need to sew for me. (See good news is you have stalker, but news is you have a very needy/lazy one)