Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fruit Loop Socks

I finished my first hand painted socks!!

I have been trying to figure out what this sock yarn reminded me of when suddenly as I walking down the cereal isle - it hit me. They look just like Fruit Loops!!

What do you think?

Yarn: Mama E's C*eye*ber fiber undyed yarn - hand dyed by ME! in the Fruit Loops colorway :)
Needles: US2 DPNs
Pattern: Basic sock pattern

I also went to a new yarn shop last Friday. The Tangeled Skein in Hyattsville MD. Giantsknitter and I work about 5 miles from here and we thought what better way to spend a Friday afternoon than ditching out of work early and going yarn shopping!! So we headed over. It was so awesome! Here is a very bad picture from my camera phone:

If you live in Maryland - I definitely suggest that you stop by. The owner was so sweet and took us on a tour of the shop and pointed out some new brands of yarn and even showed us some of her favorite patterns to go with the yarns we commented on. The space is amazing - lovely hardwood floors and rows of storage for the TONS-O-YARN. I mean this place is packed to the gills with yarn. I was in awe.

I managed to control myself - (sort of) and only bought a few things. I got one skein of Donegal Tweed that I have been lusting after:

and two skeins of the most gorgeous hand painted yarn from Araucania - Atacama Nature Alpaca.

Loved it! I can't wait to go again. This could definitely be dangerous - a yarn shop close enough to do a "fiber" lunch!


Anonymous said...

Your socks are much prettier than frootloops!
Fiber lunch sounds WAY more dangerous than liquid lunch. Good luck. Thanks for the yarn store review, now I need to head over there and get myself some of that aracuna!

Diane said...

I think the colors are much prettier in your socks than in that cereal. I'd do well taking a fiber lunch ...... as long as my lunch was about 2 hrs long.

Shelby said...

Love the fruit loops socks! And I know what you mean about a LYS that close to work- Woolwinders is less than that! And I used to live in the same development- talk about dangerous!! ;)

don't you just love the weather today?! blech!

Jinann said...

I LOVE your socks! You did a fantastic job dying them - they are just gorgeous! You should be soooo proud!

Amie said...

I think they look more like the picture in your sidebar than they do like Froot Loops (which you repeatedly spelled wrong, btw. literacy goes right out the window for a sugared cereal)

btw, I wanted to be sure you knew you are one of the poeple I'm thinking of in my puzzling blog post....

Nic said...

Those are great. I am in impressed. I still haven't knitted up the sock yarn I dyed last summer OO!

chacha / Jen said...

That yarn looks so great knitted up! Froot Loop-y in the best possible way. :)

Giantsknitter said...

I'm glad you remember the real name of the store since I was making up names for it! I can't wait to go back there but I must exert some self-control until I knit down my pile (heap) at home!

The socks are super-cute! I love the way the colors worked out...can't wait to see them up close and personal.

Theresa said...

I want to eat your socks they look so sweet. Very pretty.

Jolene said...

Hey! I also think the socks look like the photo in the side bar! Cute.
Can I hitch a ride with you on Sunday?