Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Project 365 - March!

Third month of Project 365 down! I am enjoying this so much and am so thankful for all the wonderful photos I've taken as a result of this project.

Here are my photos for March:

March 365

There's no start or stop time for this project - if the mood strikes you - start taking pictures too! You can post to flickr or the 365 project website. I'm doing both!

I'm looking forward to more - I'm a quarter of the way to 365!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Simon's 1st birthday

My nephew Simon turned 1 year old on Saturday! I can't believe how time flies! I knit him a birthday vest:

Simon's birthday vest

Pattern: Merino 5 Baby - Toddler Vest by Crystal Palace Yarns
Yarn: Interlacements Dyers Choice - worsted weight
Needles: size 8
Mods: I only did 5 rows of ribbing on the neck and arms instead of 10.

I like the buttons on the shoulder for easy on/off on a wiggly toddler too!

Simon's birthday vest

I ended up buying a complete outfit with a second vest - so I could put my vest on the outfit instead. I think it looks cute!

Simon's birthday vest

Simon had a fun birthday party too - here is eating his birthday cake.

86/365 (March 27)

Happy birthday Simon!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Olympic knitting done!

I finally finished knitting my Olympic sweater! I wove in the ends on Saturday and didn't get a chance to take pictures until today. i love how it came out.

There's nothing like a handspun sweater!

Olympic sweater done!

Pattern: Sweetgum Duncan by Meghan McFarlane
Yarn: My own Handspun from the following dyers:
-Pigeonroof Studios
-Dragonfly fibers
-Wool Gatherings
-Fat Cat
-Yarn Wench
-Hello Yarn
-Rhinebeck Mystery fiber
Needles: Size 9 US
Mods: I didn't knit the bottom ribbing the same way - instead I did about 4 inches

Olympic sweater done!

I especially love the neck of this sweater...

Olympic sweater done!

It was so much fun knitting with my own handspun and blending the colors. I'm thrilled with how it came out and can't wait to spin more!!!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who voted for my pictures on the Ravelry site for the Homespun Yarn party!

My yarn photo came in 2nd place and will be made into a card and available at the event! Yay!! I hope to see you all there!

In other photo news - I finished the second month of my Project 365!

February calendar - Project 365

It is definitely getting harder to find things to take pictures of. I am so ready for spring and the flowers and the trees and the birds! ha! There's only so many things in my house I can photograph! Maybe winter wasn't the best choice of start dates! Oh well - at least the hardest part will be over! I just noticed that February was a very red/orange/yellow month for me... don't you think? It's cool to see all the photos together like this.

Also - to update you on my Olympic knitting - no I didn't finish my sweater! But I am very close. I have about half a sleeve to go. I blame not finishing on having to rip out about 4 inches of my sweater body due to the fact the yarn I was trying to add didn't match the weight of the previous yarn at all and looked BAD. That's what I get for trying to use yarn I've spun over the last two years! Consistency was not part of the equation when I stated spinning these skeins. Live and learn! But I am close and pictures will soon follow.