Monday, February 22, 2010

Homespun Yarn Party photo contest!

Hey guys! I have some photos up for a vote for the Homespun Yarn party photo contest.

Take a peek and vote for your favs.... mine of course!

Click here to vote for the best yarn photo:

40/365 (Feb 9)

Click here to vote for the best fiber photo:

Pigeonroof Studios

Click here to vote for the best Animal photo:


Thanks and hope to see you all there!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic knitting update!

I'm keeping up with my Olympics knitting so far! I'm so close to being done with the body. Out of 7 different handspun skeins I'm on number 6! I really hope I have enough - I don't want to have to spin more. I think I'll just make it!

Here it is so far:

Olympic knitting

In other knitting news - I participated in a sock swap on Sarah's blog. I got mine from Michelle and they are so great! She sent a sweet package of goodies too:

Valentines day swap~

I was knitting for Jake - and here are the awesome socks I made for him:
Guitar Man socks

Pattern: Guitar Man socks by Rebecca Mercier
Yarn: Happy Feet
Needles: Size 2US
Mods: I only did 5 repeats instead of 8 - because man these would have been huge!

It was also time for the doggies to get their haircuts! I love freshly cut doggies - and they are so exhausted after they get back from their haircuts they sleep the rest of the day! They both look kind of annoyed here because I woke them up to take their pictures!



Saturday, February 13, 2010

As You Wish!

So last night I went to my friend Jolene's shop (Cloverhill) for an Olympic knitting party! All was planned out - someone brought a TV and we planned to watch the Opening Ceremonies over the internet via steaming video. We all brought our yarn and needles and were posed to cast on as soon as the Opening Ceremonies began.

Right before it was supposed to start, the video feed crashes and there's nothing! The computer types tried for a while to get it back or to find another site that was streaming it to no avail. I even tried going online on a different computer to find one but there were none that weren't either shady or required money. Sigh...

So - instead of sitting and knitting with nothing to watch on our lovely TV/computer setup - I logged into my Netflix account and started looking for a movie to watch. I was hoping to find an Olympic themed movie like Cool Runnings or The Cutting Edge... but alas they were not available over the web. I just started reading off the names of the movies that were available and finally hit on an all around fav...

The Princess Bride.

Who doesn't love a good love story! So with the princess on the tele and knitting in our laps we all cast on for our projects.

I am knitting Sweetgum Duncan - a top down yoked sweater. It was actually a last minute decision! I had my math all figured out for a top down raglan, but then the more I thought about it - the more I wanted a yoke instead of a raglan - round vs square. Ravelry saved the day and after a quick search - I found just what I was looking for.

I cast on with my handspun and have been knitting on it ever since. Here's how it looked earlier today:

44/365 (Feb 13)

I have several different skeins that I plan to use for this sweater.

Future handspun sweater!

So far I've finished one and started the second. I hope I can keep up my pace! What are you knitting for the Olympics - anything?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spinning in the snow!

I've been climbing the walls during the last week - want to be anywhere but here! One of the many things I've been doing is spinning. I spun up 3 different rovings over the last few days.

This is Fat Cat roving:

Fat Cat Roving

262.0 yards of 2 ply light worsted

This is Creatively Dyed:

Creatively Dyed Roving

90 yards of Navajo 3Ply bulky
Cornwall colorway

And this is Hello Yarn:

Hello Yarn Roving

I just love the colors!
Hello Yarn Roving

190 yards of 2 ply worsted weight
Vibrant Colorway

There's also been knitting! I'm almost done - so I wont show you yet but I'm knitting Kernel from

Hope you are staying warm where ever you are!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Blizzard of 2010!!

WOW is all I can say. We got about 3 feet - YES 3 FEET!!! and it's just now stopped... What a crazy day!

Here's my neighborhood.

FSnow snow snow!

37/365 (Feb 6) Snow dogs!

Snow snow snow!


It was actually kind of fun today - I hung out with my neighbors and even got to go sledding!

The sun came out a little bit ago and I hope the snow is done for the day!
Feb10 096

Feb10 094

Hope you all are safe and warm wherever you are!