Thursday, February 15, 2007

You're right!

Several people have commented that my "Froot Loops" socks look like the photo of the day I posted.... (I also spelled Froot loops wrong! - Check out the website - there are some games!)

This is one of my marbled pieces that I did.

I have to agree - the colors are amazingly similar to my socks.

But then again - so are these frooty babies!

Anyway - I guess I tend to stick to similar colors - I find myself going back to greens and blues again and again.

What colors do you keep going back to?


k said...

I always come back to blues, greens and plums. I do like stepping outside the box, but its such a comfort returning to these colors.

Love the socks!

Diane said...

Isn't if funny how we have to remind ourselves not to stick with certain colors? Here is't blues and purples. Latest yarn purchase was browns and oranges ... and a lot of it.

Shelby said...

I never knew it was spelled like that!!

I am always going to blues and any shade. Sometimes it's on purpose, others it's subconsiously. I need to really think before I go shopping- try hard not to go with the "usual".