Thursday, June 29, 2006

Finished Projects - yeah!

Knitting update! I got a lot of my unfinished projects done - yippee!!

here are my first PAIR of socks - weeee!!!!!

And my new cool iPod case....

My co-workers keep telling me I could sell these for like $10 each. $10 each! I cried - for my precious yarn and time - no way! I will only give them away to dear friends and family. I am very happy with how it came out and it gave me another change to practise my Kitchener stitch!

I also finally got the button sewn on the bib I knit for my friend - she had the baby the same day I finished - so maybe there is something to be said about that superstition that babies won't be born until their knitted items are finished!!

So - since I was so proud of myself for finishing all these things - I decided to cast on a new purse. It's a gorgeous torquoise color and has lime green and yellow novelty yarn on the edge. I will hopefully get this sucker felted tonight and maybe get the handles on in time to show you!!

Here it is - pre sewing up and pre-felting:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I think I am also going to cast on my second pair of socks this evening at my knitting group... or maybe I'll start a log cabin blanket.... or maybe.... I don't know - I'll just have to update you later when I decide what to do next!

Happy Knitting!

PS - I hope the rain stops soon - or I'll be washed away (along with all my new grass seeds!!)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Is it time to build an ark?

It's been raining for three days straight now. We have had over 10 inches in two days and have officially broken the record for the most rain to date!

To quote the weather guy:
“The persistent rainfall has washed away more weather records across the region. Washington's Reagan National Airport yesterday set a new mark for a June 26. The capital's landing strip reported an impressive 4.22 inches for the date. That demolished the old record of 2.62 inches set on the same date in 1942. There are also warnings of more showers and thunderstorms - some of them heavy or severe with rainfall rates of 3 to 4 inches an hour - this afternoon and this evening as more moisture from the tropical Atlantic pours into the region.“

Well the one good thing about the rain is that my grass is finally starting to grow - yeah! It's only been like a month since I planted it. I have been watering it every day - but I guess it needed a deluge.

We haven't had rain in about a month - so to make up for it - God decided to give us all the rain we need - all at once. I'm not complaining or anything - I like rain. But when my dogs refuse to go outside because they may get their feet wet - it can get interesting. I tried to get them outside for about half an hour on Sunday night. We had been gone all day at a friend of mine's house for a barbeque and when we got home - 7 hours later - I knew the dogs needed to go out. So - I open the door and they stop dead in their tracks. They take one look at the rain and turn around and come back in. Great! Now they'll pee on the floor! Not to be outsmarted by mere dogs I decided to take the upper hand and drag them out with their leashes. Well - Hurley can be strong when wants to and he pulled so hard he yanked the collar right off his head and ran back inside.

I decided to go out to the garage next – thinking I’d outsmart them – and see if I could get them to go that way. I got my umbrella and stood outside the garage door beckoning to them to come out – couldn’t they see that I was dry?!

Next came the treat angle – I tried to lure them out with treats. Well that definitely got their attention – but there are some things even treats can’t fix. They still wouldn’t budge – but they were now sticking their noses outside the garage door trying to reach the treats I was dangling right in front of them. Hurley got brave for a second (or his stomach just took over – and he dashed out for the treat yanked it from my hand and ran back into the garage. Bailey realized what had happened and he too ran for the treat – but this time I was smarter and ran farther away with the treat still taunting him. He decided he didn’t care all that much for the treat after all and went back in. By now – both dogs were already wet – I was wet and the rain showed no signs of lessening.

Begging didn’t help – yelling didn’t help – pleading didn’t help – they were just not having any of it. Eventually – Hurley peed in the garage. So – I let him back in the house. Now it was just Bailey and me. My little man and his will to not pee in the house was too great for him to just pee in the garage. But he also really had to pee. I could see it on his face. So I did the only thing I could do. I picked him up – carried him down the driveway and to the street – down the road a ways and then dumped him into the muck. When it happened – I don’t think he quite knew what had happened. At first he just kind of looked at me like – I can’t believe you did that! Then he resigned himself to his fate – peed right were he was and ran back to the garage.

Don’t you just love the rain?!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Time to Make the Donuts

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Well – I did something last night I never thought I’d do. I sat in the parking lot of Krispy Kreme and knit!! Ok – I will explain.

My husband is a car nut. He loves his cars – more specifically VWs. He likes to hang out with other freaks – I mean car lovers – at the local Krispy Kreme. They all arrive and line up their cars and pop the hoods and oohh and ahh over their “mods” and new wheels and everything like. I thought it was scarily similar to the way us ladies ooh and aahh over yarn – but if I mentioned that to hubby – he’s probably deny it.

Anyway – I get dragged to this event more often that I care to go. So – I mentioned this fact to one of my knitting friends, Holly Anne and she suggested she could bring her son (who also likes cars) to the Tuesday get together. We could meet up and knit – she suggested. What an idea! I could combine something I love with something I don’t and voila! Car night at Krispy Kreme won’t be so bad!!

So – I arrive at said location and wonder of wonders – not only is Holly Anne there – but she also brought another one of our knitting obsessed gal pals, Margaret! How awesome is that!! So now we have me, 2 of my knitting friends and their children – all sprawled out on the sidewalk looking like a couple of square pegs in a sea of car guys. It was hilarious!

Here’s a pic to prove it actually happened.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I felt kind of bad exposing the children of my friends to one of the car guys that showed up. Most are friendly – but there was one guy there who drives a car with a license plate that read “LUCIFER” and he even had SATAN put on the car itself in metal letters. Great! Just what you want to see at a sit and knit. We had no trouble picking out the guy the car belonged to. He was the one covered head to toe in tattoos – one of which read 666. Fun! Sorry Margaret! If your children are scarred for life – you can brand me with 666!

Anyway – I am very close to finishing my second sock. I should hopefully be able to finish it tonight or tomorrow. Fingers crossed! I did finally get around to finishing my felted bag. I added a cool sewn in lining in a lovely Chinese looking fabric.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I just need the handles now. I have some – but they just aren’t quite right. I’ll need to buy some others – if only Joann’s would restock their purse handle selection. They have been sold out for a week now! Argh!

On the jealous side of my world – my hubby just got an iPod yesterday. He bought it from a guy he works with. Now – I have my own iPod and I love it – but his came with 12,000 songs!! I mean this thing will play for a year and never run out of new material!! I was at the computer for over an hour last night looking at the songs and I only got down to about D going in alphabetical order by artist! I want 12,000 songs on my iPod!

I will get them soon enough *Evil laugh*

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bailey and Hurley!

Thanks for all the kind comments about my dogs. They are cute aren't they!! Both are miniature schauzers. Bailey is my older dog and my sweet boy! He was named after the drink Bailey's Irish Creme....

He's 6 and has been with me longer than my husband :)

Hurley is the puppy and he's 10 months old. He is named after the big guy on Lost. (We thought he was lovable!) We got him so that he could be my husband's dog - here he is the first day we brought him home. He was so tiny!!

He was also meant to be a playmate for Bailey. Even though he was meant for everyone but me - he has somehow chosen me as his favorite. He follows me everywhere.

Bailey was very jealous at first. That was one of the main reasons we got Hurley. Anytime I would touch another dog or a baby - Bailey would freak out and try to get onto my lap. It's like he was claiming me as his and no one else was allowed to get love from me. Well - He was very upset when we first brought Hurley home - but now they are very good friends. They play together and wrestle and even sleep near each other. Hurley wants to snuggle with Bailey - but Bailey's still not having anything to do with that. I think he sees him as an annoying little brother. OK to play with once in a while - but "Geez mom - don't let my friends see me hanging out with him!"

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Even though they are both the same breed of dog - it's amazing how much they each have their own personality. Bailey is definitely NOT a lap dog. He's a lay next to kind you dog. He wants to be touching you - just not actually be on you. Hurley on the other hand - thinks he's a parrot. He wants to climb to the highest point (usually my shoulder) and perch himself there to watch the goings on. He always wants to be playing or sitting on my lap. I swear I have developed some pretty major arm muscles just from playing tug with him!

Hurley is the ultimate lovable pup though and even though he's hyper and loves to chew on everything from plants to shoes to paper to cardboard boxes to knitting needles (wait I think he's gone too far now!!) I still love him. He just gives kisses all day long.

But - I must admit - Bailey will always be my little man. My pookey dookey. My poopie bear... my lova duba... wait. I think I've said too much!

Tell me about your pets! What kinds do you have, how many, what are their names?

Friday, June 16, 2006

Lunch time is play time :)

I got these off the Crochet Dude's Website and spent my lunchtime getting to know myself better.... I definitely recommend trying this out - it's a little scary!

The Ipod - get to know yourself quiz:
The way it works:
1. Put your iPod on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question.

How am I feeling today?
Macy’s Day Parade - Green Day (here come the balloon animals!)

Will I get far in life?
Get There - Boa (hope so!)

How do my friends see me?
Brother John - Blues Traveler (hmmm… maybe I should tell them I’m a girl?)

When will I get married?
Touch Me - The Doors (already am – so I guess this are my instructions to him?)

What is the story of my life?
Fugitive - Indigo Girls (and I’m still on the run…)

What was high school like?
Welcome to Paradise - Green Day (not exactly what I would have called it!)

How am I going to get ahead in life?
The Island - Aselin Debison ( I could buy in island…)

What is the best thing about me?
Innocence Maintained - Jewel (aawwwe)

How is today going to be?
It’s a Monster - Extreme (not looking forward to that !)

What is in store for this weekend?
Tear in Your Hand - Tori Amos (I guess my week isn’t looking too hot)

What song describes my parents?
Eternal Flame - Bangles (very true – they’ve been together forever and will always be
crazy about each other!)

What song describes your grandparents?
Everything - Lifehouse – (they did have full lives and experienced everything it has
to offer)

How is my life going?
My Stupid Mouth - John Mayer (I better shut up more….)

What song will they play at my funeral?
Put Me Down - Cranberries (enough said)

How does the world see me?
Alright - Janet Jackson (well thanks y’all!)

Will I have a happy life?
Let it Be Me - Indigo Girls (pick me pick me!)

What do my friends really think of me?
The Freshman - The Verve Pipe ( come on – I’m at least a sohpomore man!)

Do people secretly lust after me?
Longview - Green Day – (maybe from afar?)

How can I make myself happy?
Cut Here - The Cure (cut what?)

What should I do with my life?
Somebody Else’s Song - Lifehouse (but I just wanna be me…)

Will I ever have children?
Late in the Evening - Paul Simon – (hubby and I better get busy …)

What is some good advice for me?
Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles ( after the weekend I’m supposed to have – I gues
I’ll need to look towards the sun)

What is my signature dancing song?
Our Love is Here to Stay - Loius Armstrong - I like slow dancing with my honey – so this is appropriate)

What do I think my current theme song is?
A Girl - Boa (finally – they know I’m a girl!)

What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
Fat Boy - Jewel (well hey – you can’t argue with that)

What type of men/women do you like?
At Last - Etta James (this was the hubby and I danced to at our wedding – so I guess it means I like him!)

What kind of kisser are you?
Sent From Up Above - Mariah Carey – (I’m an angel!)

What's your style?
When I see you Smile - Bad English ()

What kind of lover are you?
Least Complicated - Indigo Girls – (No whips and chains for me)

What would be playing on a first date?
You’re in Love - Wilson Phillips (I do tend to fall in love too quickly)

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day (apparently I’ll be asleep)

Let me know what your answer are!

I finished a sock!!

Yippee! I finished my first sock!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I even cast on the second! I feel like I have passed some kind of knitter's test. I can now officially call myself a Knitter because of this. Well - I guess I should really finish the second one before I claim that status! It didn't take nearly as long as I was expecting it to - but I did use #3 needles instead of the ultra mini 1 or 2. I will have to try a more decorative pattern next - something lacy or with cables maybe! The possibilities are endless. I definitely want to make that Pomatomus sock one day - but it may be a little over my head for a second sock.

Went to my knitting group last night too. We are now offficially "spinning friendly"! There were two gals there spinning away and making the coolest yarn. It looks ever so cool and I do want to try it - but I have to keep telling myself "Just keep knitting just keep knitting!" because I don't even have enough time to knit as much as I want. Imagine if I also spun! I would just have to quit my job and never sleep. It would also be kind of hard to spin in the car....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I talked about how I had "car knitting" on the Mason Dixon KAL and everyone was excited to learn that they weren't the only ones! I never knew the great idea was so widespread. I keep a small project in the car for those times at red lights where there is nothing else to do - or waiting in line at the fast food lane - or pumping gas, getting oil changed - or anything else where I find myself sitting in the car. It really is amazing how much you can get done just with knitting during the times you would otherwise be sitting still doing nothing!

I found a cute Wikipedia quiz on another person's blog and I just had to play along. I hope you do too!

The Wikipedia Game:
Search for your birthday. Post 3 events (ok I posted 4), 3 births(I did 4 again!), 1 death.

1922 - The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is formed.
1924 - Edwin Hubble announces the existence of other galaxies.
1927 - The Ginza Line, the first subway line in Asia, opens in Tokyo.
1953 - The first color television sets go on sale for about USD at $1,175 each.

1945 - Davy Jones, English singer (The Monkees)
1959 - Tracey Ullman, English actress and singer
1969 - Jay Kay, English musician and singer (Jamiroquai)
1975 - Tiger Woods, American golfer - Can you believe I am the exact same age as Tiger Woods! If only I had the exact same about of money!!

2004 - Artie Shaw, American jazz clarinetist, composer, and bandleader (b. 1910)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Too many UFOs!!

There is definitely something in the air. Pollen? No - Something else that makes me want to cast on new projects. I have way too many things still on the needles for this urge to come on every day - but alas it does and I end up casting on something new.

This weekend the hubby was away playing with cars - and I was reading the Yarn Harlot's latest - Knitting Rules - and after reading the chapter on socks - I just had to cast one on.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I am quite happy with these so far. I finished the cuff, leg and heel on Saturday and most of the rest of the foot on Sunday. I started the toe last night and hope to be done with the first one this evening. Unfortunately – hubby saw what I was up to and claimed them as his – so I had to make them a little longer for his big size 12 feet. (I owe him socks!!) So – I may still wear them – there’s nothing wrong with big socks!

My “car knitting” is coming along fine so far – not too much progress – but hey – I only work on it at red lights!

I cast on the next strip this morning – so I will try to update the photo with the new colors soon.

Here it is as of yesterday:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My knitting group is taking part in a charity to make sweaters for kids in less fortunate areas. I got the pattern and the yarn over the weekend – so of course I had to cast on…..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This photo looks a little pink to me…. This closeup is truer to the colors…

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I got the yarn from Margaret’s extensive donated stash. She has donated yarn and fabric in every corner of her guest room! I chose a huge Pound ‘o Love in tan

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and some red for some accent stripes.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I hope it comes out ok – if I get this finished – it will actually be my first sweater! I started one for myself over the winter – but it’s still not done…. I actually haven’t worked on it in quite a while! Ooops!!

Anyway – Margaret has a dog – a big shedding dog – so of course the moment I stepped back inside my house – my two pups were all over me – sniffing and clawing to get inside my bag where the dog hair covered yarn was.

Here’s a pic of Bailey checking it out.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The two yarns together are almost as big as Hurley!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oh – I almost forgot! I was at the Columbia Festival of the Arts this weekend too. We set up a little knitting area in front of our usual cafĂ© and attracted many onlookers with our knitterly ways. It was a great day – I had sausage and peppers and bought a cool fused class necklace and make from great progress on my socks!

That’s all for now!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

I have knitteritis!

I think there's something wrong with me...

I'm completely obsessed with buying new yarn and casting on new projects - even though I have plenty of nice yarn and am already making more projects than I can finish! What is wrong with me!!!

Everytime I go online to my favorite blogs or pattern websites I see things that I just have to have or make RIGHT NOW!!

I can’t finish the things I already have on the needles – yet I want to start that lace stole that takes 10 skeins and like 100 years to make! I want it finished by tomorrow – because then I can make the stuffed dinosaur I saw.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

After that there’s this cute Chinese looking shirt I need for all those summer time gatherings.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Oh and after that – here’s a darling little necklace I can’t wait to make for all my friends at Christmas.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Maybe there’s there a knitting gene, or chemical in my brain that makes me this way. I don’t know why I am the way I am. I just saw on the news this morning that people who have road rage – are chemically imbalanced. Maybe they ought to do a study on knitters.

My husband just doesn’t understand that when he does things like want me to join him for dinner – he’s taking time away from my knitting! I mean come on – I don’t really need to go with you to that party do it? Your mom will understand that I can’t make it to her birthday dinner because I’m on a yarn shopping spree! Yeah – right….

I must also confess that I am a sensitive knitter. I want people to love what I do! When I show my husband the latest project I have on my needles I want him to sawy – Wow! That’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen! (And not being sarcastic about it!!) But alas – it seems only another knitter can appreciate the perils and charms of knitting that perfect item with that perfect pattern in that newly purchased perfect yarn.

I just finished a scarf made out of my wonderful Isis that I got in Scotland. I started a scrunchie yesterday – (yes – even you can have knitted scrunchies – look here…) and have taken it into my car as my “car knitting” project. I can now get almost an entire row done just at stoplights! Who knew! Thank you Hollyanne for suggesting this marvelous idea to me! (And no – I’m not making a hat!!)

Friday, June 02, 2006

My June horoscope

The official Aunt Purl Horoscopes are out! Get yours here....

Mine is:
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)
Peacemaker isn’t your favorite roll, I know you too well. It’s always easier to sit on the sidelines and watch others beat each other over the head with their proverbial big sticks. (What is it with the mean and ugly stick this month?) But right now your job, unwelcome as it may be, is to step in and be the lone voice of reason. You’re the only one firmly planted in reality right now, and by the way, this job does not pay well! Take it from a middle child! But Head Honcho Of Dispute Resolution has great benefits and growth potential. Plus, Cappies like to feel that everything has been settled and changed and happily re-charted with their expert eye, you know it's true. Luckily, you do have an expert eye when it comes to deciphering people and your heart is in the right place, so I predict that by the new moon at month's end you'll have managed to completely smooth over whatever prickly, uncomfortable issue it is that's got you in knots. Also, according to this thing called a "chart" which I am supposed to carefully read before making this wide-flung predictions, the first few weeks of June will be excellent for hanky panky, if hanky panky is present. Just so you know.

Thanks to Crazy Aunt Purl - I now have June to look forward to. I always love her monthly horoscopes - but this one was particularly interesting. I haven’t exactly had the most “peaceful” month of May around my neighborhood. You may remember my post about my nasty neighbor complaining about dog poop. Well – I had it out with her a few days ago. She was the one complaining that my dog went into her yard and pooped – well… Let me just mention the fact that she felt she was excused from the decision we reached at the home owners meeting to leash all dogs. After about the 10th time of seeing her dog outside with no leash – I went out and confronted her. I said, “ So – I guess we’re not doing the leash thing anything…”

She had the nerve to say, “ well I don’t think Sage (the pooping off leash dog) needs to be on a leash. He’s a different caliber dog than yours are.”

Well – I don’t go into the nasty details of what happened next – but let’s just say – I let her have it. I was shaking with anger by the time I got back inside after calling her a hypocrite and everything else I could think of.

SO that brings me back to the horoscope for June. Apparently I will be a peacemaker. I can’t wait to see if that happens – because god knows I won’t apologize with getting one first!

It’s also good to know – I’m the only one “firmly planted in reality right now”, to quote Aunt Purl. I knew I like her.

She also goes on to say:
“I predict that by the new moon at month's end you'll have managed to completely smooth over whatever prickly, uncomfortable issue it is that's got you in knots.”

I sure hope she’s right!

And if all else fails – she does mention some good hanky panky :)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I made beaded stitch markers!

I was browsing around the internet the other day and I came upon the coolest little bead. It's in the shape of a ball of yarn with knitting needles through it. How perfect is that I thought! I immediately ordered 50 of them.

Don't look at me like that! Buying in bulk was cheaper! :)

I had it in my head that I'd make a necklace or something for everyone in my knitting group. But that's a lot of beading! It would take me forever. So - I was rolling it around in my head - a bracelet may - well - hmm - do they really wear jewelry? - maybe not - I don't know. So - obviously I was confused for a good long while about what to do with these 50 knitting beads.

It's not like I can make a big huge necklace out of needles beads all for me - NO! I have to share the wealth! (besides those beads are sharp little suckers with those mini knitting needles!)

So - I was looking at my friend's blog the other day and saw that she made herself some really cool stitch markers and I thought - AHA! That's it! I'll make stitch markers for everyone. I mean - we're a knitting group after all - what better gift than that!

I think they came out great if I do say so myself. I don't know why I did't try this sooner - it was so easy! I have a million beads and bobs and wires from my days when I made jewelry - so I managed to dig out all the boxes of stuff last night. I rummaged around until I found some wire, picked out some beads and voila! Instant gratification and some pretty cool stitch markers too!

I think I'm going to spoil my secret pal in the SP8 knitting exchange with some too.

I made some green ones for my secret pal:

some blue ones for me!

I made these for my knitting group...

and these...

I also got some kniting done - beleive it or not - and I am about 4 inches shy of being done with the Mason Dixon bib I started. Yeah!