Monday, February 11, 2008

Project Spectrum red!

February and March are the Project Spectrum Fire months. I wish that the Fire theme could help heat up the freezing cold temps, but alas - I had to take matters into my own hands:

I knit these awesome mittens to help warm my freezing fingers. And let me tell ya - they are warm!

Bird in Hand Mitten Mosaic

The pattern is the "Bird in Hand Mitts" by Kate Gilbert and the pattern is truly a work of art. I love how the leaves and flowers unfold as you knit. And who doesn't love the little bird that peeks out from the thumb. The yarn is Berrocco's Peruvia . It's a soft single ply yarn that reminds me a bit of Malabrigo. Very soft and fuzzy and very warm! I have only knit one of them so far - and I do plan to knit the second - but it may be a bit before I start. I tend to get easily distracted by other things like....

Sewing these!

Wristlet Mosaic

I made up a little wristlet pattern. I made three so far and they are so fast and easy - that I see myself makeing a bunch more. I recently bought some fabric "Javajem" labels here and these are my first finished objects that got to try them out.

I got the idea for these little wristlets after making this makeup bag for my mom. She requested a new makeup bag that she could smoosh in her suitcase and yet be large enough to hold her hairbrushes and makeup. So I came up with this:

Makeup bag

I added a little zipper pull and tried out one of my new "special" stitches on the fabric zipper fob.

I also had made this bag to hold all my WW books:


It's just a simple zipper bag that I made with left over Alexander Henry fabric from Jolene's Nappy bag.

I combined the two pattern ideas and ended up with the wristlets. I'm going to try to put together another tutorial if anyone is interested in the wristlet pattern - let me know!


Liz said...

All such great projects. Where do you find all of this fantastic fabric? Do you shop at fabric stores? Online?

I seriously think I could become a fabric hoarder... much like I am with yarn. Uh oh!

As far as a wristlet tutorial, of course I'm interested.

Stacey said...

cute mitts! I could use a pair up here - it was a whopping 5 degrees with howling winds when I came to work this morning!

cute bags - love the one with the zip in the middle. You are quite the sewer!

Anonymous said...

Love the wristlets.

Anonymous said...

Mittens AND wristlets!! You are a machine :) All of them are absolutely LOVELY!!

Nic said...

I have those mits on my to-do list. I figure mid-summer in the desert will be the perfect time to start them. Cute bags. I like making that style because the zipper is easier for me to install.

Anonymous said...

Girl, you must be on fire. Super productive.
How about a sewing night? You hold the baby and I!!!

Liz said...

Wow, lovely stuff. I'd defimitely be interested in a tutorial, I need a case like that for my WW books!!

I have added your blog onto my sidebar, hope it's ok. I am having a bogoversary competition so come on over and visit!

Ramona said...

Great idea for the WW pamphlets. They do seem to start piling up after a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Oo! Cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh, everything is so pretty! I love your name labels too, very cool.

Bonnie said...

Your tags are destined for designer labels J. mark my word - trademark 'em now.

Lovely mitten. Did you at least have one warm hand Monday?

Zonda said...

Love that mitten! The wristlets are so cute and thank for the link, I need to order some labels as well!

mrspao said...

Lovely mitten :) The wristlets are a great idea.