Thursday, February 07, 2008

Amy Butler's Nappy bag

I am very late in showing you this, but I finished the Amy Butler Nappy bag a few weeks ago for my friend Jolene. She recently had a little boy and was telling me how she much she liked the Amy Butler Nappy bag pattern. So naturally - I had to make her one!

Amy Butler's Nappy bag


Pattern: Amy Butler Nappy bag
Fabric: Alexander Henry's Mocha collection
Mods: I added a key chain clip inside and I left out the bottle holders (she's breastfeeding anyway)

Here's a closer look at the key chain holder I added to the inside:

Amy Butler's Nappy bag

This baby used A LOT of fabric. I think I ended up using about 6 yards total. It uses canvas as the "interfacing" to help give it structure and bulk, and the pieces are huge. The whole bag is huge actually. It would make a fabulous knitting bag too... I may just have to make one for myself in the future!

Here's a closer look inside - I used three different Alexander Henry fabrics in total - all in coordinating colors. The lining is the blue circle fabric and then I used another floral for the pockets on the inside (although you really can't see them too well)

Amy Butler's Nappy bag

The construction of this bag is very unique. I love the way the strap completes a continuous circle with the body of the bag. You'll have to try the pattern to see the genius way it all connects. Overall - it was a great pattern.

Amy Butler's Nappy bag

In other news...

Wow! Thanks for the support everyone! And thanks to :
Large Marge

for joining me in the challenge! We can do it!! I'll try to make weekly updates on how I'm doing. So far so good!


Stacey said...

ok - that is a GREAT bag!!!! You, me and Sarah seriously need a crafty/doggie weekend....

Stash said...

Great bag! I've made this for several friends as baby gifts. In the coming weeks I'll be sharing one I made out of flour sack towels. It was meant to be a gift but I loved it so much that I kept it for taking on my junking adventures.

Take good care,
Stash Studios

Amie said...

Do we all get cashmere?

Pheelya said...

I got to see the bag at a Wednesday night knit night at Border's. It's gorgeous!! She happily showed it off :)

turtlegirl76 said...

That bag looks awesome! It would make a fantastic knitting bag!

Bea said...

love the bag. One coworker just had his first baby Monday maybe they would like one...hmmm...

weebug said...

beautiful bag! i think that it would make a great knitting bag too.

mrspao said...

Lovely bag :)

Good luck with giving up diet coke - I gave up a while ago and it now just tastes odd and artificial so I'm mostly drinking water now. You've done really well with the weight loss this year - yay for you.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous bag, and the key chain is a great idea - I can never find my keys in my nappy bag!

How's the diet coke going?

Zonda said...

Love that bag! Nice job on it!

Unknown said...

Any chance I could commission you to make one for me? I love this bag, but I don't sew. Let me know what you think.

Unknown said...

have any time to help with part of the instructions that are unclear to me? I am having trouble figuring out what is meant in the step when the inside and outside are sewn together.

Unknown said...

any chance you could give some pointers on a step we are stuck on? It is the step in which the outside is sewn to the inside. The instructions are a bit confusing to me.