Saturday, February 23, 2008

Odds and Ends

I've had a severe case of knitting ADD lately. I'm working on so many things at once!

- Ariann - I finished it!! I still need to take photos - will the sun ever shine again!?
Here it is almost done...
Ariann in progress
- Top Down ragaln - that I started a year and half ago and has been hibernating for a loooong time! I finally picked it up again a few days ago and finished the body - now it's on to the sleeves!!

Here's a picture from the last time I worked on it... I'm done with the body now.
Top Down Raglan

- Swatching for a new sweater

-Morning Surf Scarf - I cast on for this in a moment of uncontrollable desire. I was surfing around Ravelry and saw this scarf (sorry non ravelers!) and had to have it.

I cast on with some Koigu...
Morning Surf Scarf

And finally - these awesome mittens!

Kiss That Frog Mitts

They were designed by Beth from bethtoons.

Kiss That Frog Mitts
Go check out her finished version. When you put your mitts together the palms make a frog! So cute!

Hopefully I'll get these UFOs finished up before March because I have plans! Michelle from the Sweet Sheep is doing her March Sweater Madness again this year.

I don't think I'll ever be able to knit a sweater in a month - but I can dream! I hope I like the pattern!

Go sign up and join the madness!


Nic said...

You're prolificness makes me feel so lazy. I need to work on some projects-- maybe after my nap.

gnomegarden said...

Your sweater looked SO great miss! AND hreat on you. You are a mad-knitter!! Give some of that go-go!! xo dawn

Diane Doran said...

You know I'm not a colorwork kinda gal, but those mittens are awesome! Today's sunny - I expect pictures of Arianne soon ;).

Bonnie said...

That Morning Surf Scarf pattern reminds me of Lizard Ridge - pretty!

It's a picture perfect day out there, we expect Ariann pix forthwith.

mrspao said...

Those are great projects :)

Jinann said...

Wow! Those mittens really are awesome!