Thursday, March 01, 2007

I want my MTV!!

Or any TV for that matter.

Our TV has been out of commission for 4 days now. That means I missed Heros, and Lost and tonight I'm going to miss Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty!! Oh the horror!

Sunday afternoon - we were innocently watching one of those laze-inducing movies from the 80s that they always play on Sunday afternoons on TBS (I love those!) when all of a sudden.... *pop* ... the tv went black - but the sound stayed on. Uh oh.

We have one of those fancy flat panel DLP things and the bulb apparently only has a shelf life of 3 years or so. WTF! I didn't know this! Apparently hubby did. I don't know about you - maybe I'm old school- but when I buy a TV (especially an expensive one) I expect it to last forever. I don't expect it to just go *pop* one day and need expensive parts and repair to get it running again.

I was definitely not amused either when hubby opened up the guts of this expensive TV and began playing around. The TV looked like it had been in that ferry crash I saw last week on Grey's Anatomy! Wires and circuit boards strewn everywhere. Now I must admit - I didn't have too much confidence in hubby's abilities to fix the TV at first... but he seems to have identified the problem.

After replacing the lamp (and the TV still not working by the way) - he delved deeper and found the root of the problem. He now thinks can fix it with some soldering and a new "lamp power ballast" - whatever the heck that is!

All I care about is the fact that I can no longer sit in front of the tv and knit. I've come to realize that I rarely knit without the tv on. I sit on the couch in the silent family room with my knitting and I just can't seems to do it. It's not the same! Weird huh...

So - I went upstairs to my craft room and decided since I wasn't feeling the knitting - I would sew something. So I did!

I sewed this:

I have been wanting to make a needle case for my double point needles for a while now - since they are everywhere! Some are in a vase in my craft room, some are in my knitting bags, some are still attached to uncompleted socks and others I will find weeks from now stuffed in between the couch cushions.

With the completion of my new needle case - I started collecting them and putting them in the case and I realized I have a freaking lot of DPNs! I have 4 pairs of size 3's three pairs of size 2s and many double sets of other sizes. Why so many?
Duh - I already told you the couch eats them.

I swear - every time I would go to make a sock - the hunt for four or five of the same size double points would ensue. I know what you're thinking - Magic Loop! Two socks on two circs! No need for DPns! Jolene even let me try her 12 inch circular that I have seen her and others make socks on with ease. I tried it - I liked it - I bought one - I'm making a sock on it right now - but I still think I will always go back to my DPNs. The other methods just didn't stick. So - I am happy to finally give my beloved DPNs a proper home.

I made up my own pattern for this needle case - so I'm sure a more experienced sewer may have come up with something better - but I'm extremely proud of myself for not using anyone else's instructions to help me. This is all MINE baby!

Oh and I can't resist posting this - my neighbors got a new dog! Allow me to introduce you to Riggo. (named after the Redskins player - John Riggins)

He's a pound puppy who found a home - isn't he adorable!

Look at those brown eyes...


brsmaryland said...

Wow...first commenter ;-) Cute, cute pup and I'm not even a dog person but I can tell he is sweet. Your dpn case is really nice. I wish I were a better/more patient sewer. Good luck with the rv!

brsmaryland said...

of course that should be tv!!

danielle said...

Really cute dpn case and really cute dog.

Thank goodness you can watch Lost, Grey's, and Betty online. I have to catch up on some episodes of those myself.

I also have to have the tv on while knitting. I like that now I can watch tv and not feel as lazy b/c I am doing something productive.

My bf just bought a fancy flat panel LCD tv last night. I'm concerned that he didn't do as much research as he should have for such a big purchase...and he's not the kind of guy to be able to fix something like that. Good thing your hubby is.

Anonymous said...

The case is gorgeous! Also, the puppy eye picture reminds me of the dog adoption commercial that's on tv these days that makes me cry every time I see it. Such sweet and tender eyes!!

Giantsknitter said...

You'll still need the dpns for the toes, Babe! And how can that dog be named after John Riggins? He doesn't even have a Mohawk!! :-)

Nittany Knits said...

Don't worry. Ugly Betty and Grey's were both repeats

Nic said...

Some of those shows play on the network websites. Cute dog. Hope little poochie is trained not to bark when left alone.

I wish my sewing was advaning as quickly as yours!

laura said...

your needle case is so cute!

And as for what needle to use for socks, I regularly go from dpns, to magic loop, to 2 circs, in random order while knitting a sock.

Don't ask, cause I don't know why. Just crazy I guess.

Lolly said...

What a sweet sweet puppy! Love the pictures ;)
The needle case is quite lovely :)

and too bad about the TV! I hope you can catch up soon. I am quite addicted to the TV myself, so this would mess up my whole week!

Diane said...

Well after reading this I think I'll stick with my 27" old school set until it dies.

The double point case came out great.

Theresa said...

Cool needle case!

I am the same way with TV and knitting. I want to get back into my sewing but the pull of the couch is too much.

Anonymous said...

Pup is sweet, looks like he landed smack into the arms of a buddy for life. Oh, and I like your case too.

Jinann said...

Love the needle cases!

I'm almost afraid to you have TV again? Poor baby....I really know what you mean about needing the TV for "background" - it's too quiet otherwise!

Jo said...

My DH always wants to tinker around with stuff like that, too - and I have to say it makes me nervous!

Anonymous said...

One of the nicer needle cases I've seen. Do you mind if I copy? The dog is very cute.