Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sew...what a weekend...

It was a sewing filled weekend. Sarah came over Saturday afternoon and we had a ball shopping and lunching and sewing! She taught me how to install in zipper, how to take apart my sewing machine (after breaking several needles) and all kinds of other cool sewing tips ;)
We had a mission - we wanted to make some project bags. I have been lusting after one in particular....

It all started when I saw this.

This is Jolene at the AAY sit and knit with her collection of gifted bags:

The latest - was made bySarah from this pattern. I have been looking at this pattern for so long - but alas! I didn't know how to do zippers.... so.... I was smart and brought in reinforcement!

We went from this mess:

To this! Success!!

Here's the one I made:

I've had this Amy Bulter fabric for a while - I got it when I went on a yarn spree in New York City with my friend Tressa. Instead of yarn - I came home with fabric from Purl Soho's fabric shop. I just realized that the colors work for Project Spectrum !

Sarah also helped me finish my DPN needle case - I needed to fix the ribbons a bit.

After a fun filled sewing Saturday - what could I possible do on Sunday? Well the Hubbo went out with his car buddies to get the "race cars" ready for their track day next week, and as much fun as it would have been to tag along - I decided to stay home and make a shawl. Not a knitted shawl... because I have a deadline - but a fabric one...

I'm leaving for a cruise in about two weeks and I wanted a handmade shawl to wear on the formal nights... There is NO WAY I can get a shawl knit in two weeks - especially since the one I started is now frogged... so I decided to sew one. I bought some gorgeous green duponi silk fabric and some beaded fringe and voila!

Instant gratification!

I promise some better photos of this soon - when Hubbo can take some pics of me actually wearing it and when it's actually light outside - not dusk! So please forgive this photo.

I do like the beads.... and they are perfect for Project Spectrum too!

The dogs had fun too - barking their heads off at the utility guys working for HOURS ourside our house today. You'd think they were cats the way they balance themselves on the edge of the couch like this!


Anonymous said...

I love the shawl! Cant wait to see more photos, but seriously, I LOVE IT.

However, the first thing I thought when I read you post today is..."is that my cleavage?" Indeed it is. Thanks for the props, and the good advertising.

Cari said...

I love that Amy Butler fabric! Nice job on the bags!

Anonymous said...

The bags are fabulous!! The shawl is gorgeous! Beautiful :)

I just returned from a New York trip with a lot of my money being donated (ahem - spent) to Purl's Patchwork shop in SoHo. I love the brands of fabric that she carries. There really needs to be a shop like hers in the DC area. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Love the bags! The beading on the shawl is stunning.

Amy said...

Lovely job on the bag! And I love your shawl. You've got me in the mood to do some sewing (if only I had something not as ancient as my mom's 30 y.o machine).

Lolly said...

I love the bag, Jody! So pretty, and yes, so perfect for PS too! YEA!

Good Kharma Bunny said...

mmmm amy butler.
thats a fab bag and the pattern is very exciting, must raid mums material store.
al x

Diane said...

Every picture I said Oh, that's my favorite one. Wait, that's my fav one. Really hard to decide so I guess I love them all. The shawl is really pretty too.

Ramona said...

Great idea for a shawl! I think I am going to have to try and sew one up

Theresa said...

Cool bag! I hate zippers, but your's looks really professional.

And pretty shawl! Don't you just love instant gratificatin?