Monday, March 05, 2007

Spring is coming!

This weekend was gorgous!
Well Saturday anyway - I was laid up with a migraine all day Sunday :(
But Saturday was the perfect day - warm and breezy - the sun in the sky and nothing to do but enjoy the day. Bailey and Hurley and I had a blast playing outside - going to the dog park - and just generally being outside all day long.

Here are some of our antics:

Yes - I do believe that orange thing is a cat toy. No - I did not give my dog a cat toy - Hurley found it.... somewhere... He loved it!

And look at this!! The first flower of spring!!

I know it'll probably die with the next frost - but it's the first flower of Spring! Yippee!! And - it's a crocus.

I find this amusing because whenever my hubbo doesn't know the name of a flower - he calls it a crocus. So I was all excited about the flower and I ran in the house to tell him about it.

He said, "Cool - what kind is it?"

"A crocus!" I said.

"Oh... What's that?" he said.

Me "..."

Yeah... Men!

I must give him props though - he did manage to fix the tv - yeah! I was able to watch the Grey's Anatomy and Ugle betty reruns :( I want new shows!!!

In knitting news - I put down my CPH for a little while and started on a new sock. Jolene had let me borrow her 12 inch circular needle and I liked it - so I went out and bought one for myself. I knit one sock on the new needle - a Monkey sock - with some of my hand dyed sock yarn. ( I love this pattern by the way!!)

I am making the second sock on DPNs. I don't know if I was "doing it" wrong - but my left index finger is killing me - I managed to slice my finger while trying to knit with the mini circ. I kept using my left index finger to push the needle back. (I'm a thrower - so I would wrap the yarn around with my right hand and then push the needle back with my left.) I couldn't find a more comfortable way to move the yarn up and push the needle back. You know what I mean? How do you guys go it? Do tell. I'm in pain from my way! I really like the way the sock looks though - no ladders and it's really nice and even. But I don't think I'll use it much if I can't figure out a better way to move the yarn around.

I also managed to find time this weekend to bake a cake... It's Devils food cake with butter cream icing on top and chocolate fudge in the middle.... mmmm.....

It's already gone! It was delicious!


Coleen said...

I LOVE YOUR PICTURES!!! they are so cute! I hope you are coming tonight! Bring your monkey sock, I want to see it!

Oh, and give Hurley and Bailey kisses for me!

Emma said...

Very very cute dog photo. And the cake looks yummy!

chacha / Jen said...

Must resist... adorable puppies... :)

Nittany Knits said...

It must be the fact that we share the same Birthday...we are working the exact same sock AGAIN. How is that??????

Heidi said...

Sweet hounds! But then again I would expect nothing less. I loved seeing a little bit of MD.

Amy said...

Your doggies are so cute! And your cake looks so yummy! Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

I love that first puppy picture! Your squirrels sure are cute! Good thing you already polished off that cake, or you might find me on your doorstep shortly...mmmm!

Anonymous said...

I *so* love the pics of your little furry ones, they're so adorable - thank you for sharing them! And my gosh, I can't believe how yummy that cake looks - you sure got me drooling with that pic! ;)

Lolly said...

Gosh, your pictures are fabulous! I love the pups! :)