Friday, April 28, 2006

Naturally Nazareth rises again!

Do you recall a few weeks back when I talk about how much I loved the Kraemers Yarn Shop? Well - I also can now officially say I love their yarn too! Naturally Nazareth is wonderful. Even though the process started out a little rough - (I got three quarters of the way done and then realized my future felted bag would be a future felted Moebius strip! My screams could be heard through the state and the sounds of riiiiiipppping filled air as I pulled out all of my lovely work. *Sigh*

When I wiped up the tears and balled up all the yard - I decided to try it again. I am after all making this bag as a gift for my friend Sue (how has helped me out so much at work - I owe her a lot more than a bag!) and I have to get back on that horse.

So - I started again and this time it's even better than before! Mostly because it's not a Moebius strip!

My DH has been harassing me again about making him socks and a wool hat. I mean come on! it's almost May - do you really need a wool hat right now! I am looking forward to knitting in Scotland - now there's a place you can use a wool hat! Hopefully out travels will give me plenty of time to knit! I need get one of those cool knit along bags I keep seeing.... like this one

from Purl.

If I don't find one at the Sheep and Wool Festival next weekend - I may have to break down and buy one!

I finished the landscaping in my front yard - yeah! I'll post a completed picture soon - but here are some of the things I have in there...

A cool blue spruce dwarf tree topiary type thing. When I tried to describe this to my DH as a topiary - he becamse very upset... "Topiary!? I hate topiaries!" But when I described it to him as a trunk with a big puff of needles at the top - he was like, "Oh cool". So - I guess it's all in the presentation. I dont' think it's that bad...

I also planted a cool redbark dogwood bush. I love the color of the leaves and the bark.

I still have a few peonies and dinner plate dahlias left to plant. I hope they grow!

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