Monday, May 01, 2006

Felting is magical :)

I love felted bags. It is most definitely my favorite thing to make. Last night I finally finished a bag for one of my good friends at work and it looks amazing! I alsmost don't want to part with it.

It was definitely a struggle for some strange reason. It was a hard pattern - but I just kept messing up. I think those blonde streaks are absorbing into my brain! I had to start over once I realized the MOebius strip incident and then when I sewed up the bottom - I did it in the wrong direction! The handles weren't right. So - I again had to rip out all my lovely even stitches and redo it. By the time this baby made it into the washing machine last night - I was doubtful that it would felt correctly - since every other step had so far gone wrong! So I put it in with a pair of jeans and a little soap and a little hot water and a tennis ball (just following the directions!) and then sat back waiting for something to go wrong.

I was tempted several times to take it out and look - but it was covered in soapy suds and I didn't want to mess with that. So - when it was finally done - I held my breath and opened the zipper to the lingerie bag and voila! I pulled out a perfectly felted piece.

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Nic said...

Your SP8 hostess here-- I made a moebius basket but I terrified to felt it. I've some recent felting mishaps.