Monday, April 10, 2006

Snot filled weekend

Dh and I were sick the entire weekend - but overall it was very productive. I managed to clean the entire house and use the most coolest cleaning tool ever! I must say I love the Pledge duster cloths! I know - I sound like a commercial - but they are so awesome - it was actually fun to clean my house! They fit in between every little nook and cranny and held so much dust I couldn't believe it. Well - I had fun at least!
I actually managed to clean out my craft room and make it workable again. I can get in a mood to clean and organize and go nuts on the whole house. It doesn't happen very often - but when it does - look out. I'm gonna clean everything in sight. I organized the bedroom and I can actually see the surface of my dresser again - imagine that!

I started knitting baby booties for Aimee's new baby girl! She had her on our anniversary I think - April 6th. Her name is Cailyn - but they don't know how to spell it yet. hehehe! I can't wait to see her - we'll be visiting over Easter weekend. I hope I can get the booties done in time!

We are getting the front landscaping done this week too - it's very exciting to see it going in. I love the huge stone slabs that will be the steps. The concrete truck is coming tomorrow - so that should be some nice progress - once that happens -the flagstone pavers can be laid in.

I met up with Joanie yesterday and did some shoe shopping. I love shoes! I wish I could spend more on them - but DH would kill me. He has already told me if I come in the house with another pair of black shoes - he'll kill me. Well... what he doesn't know won't hurt me!

Oh -we watched the most amazing movie this weekend - Crash. It was about race relations in America. It was so true - the stereotypes we apply to people and the way we treat people we never even met. Scary. I got chills repeatedly.

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