Monday, April 24, 2006

Rainy Weekend

It was a busy and mostly rainy weekend. Friday I drove down to Va for my friend Helen’s rehearsal dinner. I have to read this very personal poem that her fiancĂ© Michael. Wrote. I am not looking forward to that! More on how that turned out later…

I decided to leave work early so I could some shopping in  I stopped at Tysons and got some cool stuff for our trip to England and Scotland. I got us some nice warn fleecey type pullovers from LLBean and a cool embroidered bathroom bag. I also got this neat squeegee type towel I saw everyone using when I went backpacking in 98. It can dry your entire body and it’s only about 20inches square! Very cool. I also got a pillow that rolls up to a small oblong shape but unrolls and fluffs up to almost full size. I love travel gadgets!

Best of all – I was able to stop at Bedazzled and got some new cool beads. I can’t wait to make some earrings etc out of them!

It was sort of raining all day and just felt icky – but I managed to make it to the rehearsal where I didn’t do anything more than sit there and watch. So – yeah I think that was a waste of gas! After the rehearsal (that the minister didn't even show for!) we all went to Ruby Tuesdays where we waited and waited and then waited some more for out food. I felt so bad for the bride - who's mother in law was being a cheapscate and made her have the dinner at Ruby Tuesday instead of a nice restaurant. She was just to calm down and get a martini - but it took them over an hour to get it for her! Unreal. So - I left immediately after shoveling down my buffalo chicken burger and drove home in the rain.

Woke up Saturday to more rain and we had to drive down to VA again - this time for the wedding.

It was a very nice wedding and I read the love poem written by the groom. I managed to get a few laught from the audience too! I tried to read the sexy , lovey parts as quickly as possible. Here I am reading...

You know it's meant to be when two people are equally as enthusiastic about their tongues as these two are. Helen has always been photographed with her huge tongue hanging out - and when I discovered Michael does the samething! Well - let's just say it was a tongue fest!

It was very nice to see all of Helen's family there. Her brother and her gaggle of cousines. I admit I am envious of her family's closeness. I wish I had cousins and brothers and sisters that lived close by and were around my age. Her one cousin Matt used to live in Baltimore! He went to Johns Hopkins and got a PHD in Electrical engineering and now lives and works in Silicon Valley! Must be nice!

Sunday started out just a rainy and yucky as Saturday - but soon turned into a beautful day! I went up to White March to have lunch with Marcia and Michelle. We ate at Chillis and got all caught up on each other's lives. After that - I went out to the Farmer's market an dbought almost $200 worth of plants for my new front yard! I love the way it is turning out. I am also glad I waited to plant stuff until I am a more experienved gardener. I think it has a nice flow to it - that I never could have gotten a few years ago. BAck then it was just stick the plant in the ground anywhere and the more varieties the better. Now - I have limited myself to a color palette of purple, pink and yello with green accents. It is really very hard to limit yourself - especially when there are so many plants to choose from ! But I hope it helps me have a more pleasing display. I'll post pics soon of the plants!

DH is gone on ANOTHER racing trip. This time somewhere in southern VA. I really don't understand it - but oh well. I knit and he doesn't really get that either - so I guess it all works out.

Speaking of knitting - I had the most heart wrenching discovery yesterday. I realized that I twisted my rows in my new felted bag project and instead of a nice round bag shape - I was getting a Moebius strip! Escher look out - because I'm coming for you! I could have screamed! Well - I think I did scream actually. I had to rip out over 40 rows! It was looking really good too. Oh well - Started over again last night and I hope I don't lose the will to felt!

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