Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I'm sick :(

I wish I could say I feel like a million bucks - but I have a bad cold. Yesterday I didn't think I'd make it home! My eyes were closing and I felt dizzy. I ended up going to sleep immediately - and slept (sort of) until the next morning. The dogs were barking at every noise - so I'm not sure I actually slept too much.

BUT! The exciting news is that I was given an award yesterday! We had a team lunch and L and I were nomitated by G and N for a Silver Recognition Award!! We got two beautiful plaques and $2000! I was very honored. I didn't know you could do that for a peer. I feel kind of bad that S wasn't nominated. She worked harder than any of us. I think she feels a little slighted.

Oh well.

They started our landscaping today - it took me several days to dig up all the plants from my original garden beds and then I had to replant them in a new area on the side of the house - all because I knew they wouldn't be very careful with the digging up or transaplanting or the plants. I have a bad feeling all my bulbs are going to die - because they aren't looking too good right now. They are looking wilted and have fallen over.

I hope the new stone steps and planting areas will help the yard look nice again!

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