Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Scotland here I come!

Yahoo! We're going to Scotland for our vacation this year! Starting off in London and then traveling to Scotland for some time in Ediburgh and then off the highlands for a whirlwind tour of the gorgeous mountains, glens and lochs. I can't wait! Here little hairy coo!!! I want to kiss you!

On another note - I'm also excited to get started on our landscaping! We agreed to get some landscaping done in the front of our house and they start the first week in April. There will be boulders and flagstone and stacked stone - did I mention I love stone!! The Stone store will be doing the work and I'm very excited - even though it is a little pricey. Why is home repairs and construction so expensive! You don't have to be smart to lift a shovel - but i guess you do have to have some kind of brawn. I wish I could organize of a group of people who trade off hard labor for each other. It would be great. Every month - a different person in the group gets to use the other for hard labor. It would be free (plus pizza and beer or something) and everyone would get a chance to use the group for their home projects. You could also opperate in trade. Like if I knew how to fix a toilet- I could trade my services for someone else's. It would be great! How awesome an idea is that. Maybe I should start that. A what's your talent website. Operating via the trade and barter system.

On the knitting front - I started another bag. This one very large (I hope) and will be used as a tote. I cast on 100 stitches and hope the bag doesn't look stupid once it's washed. I also hope I don't run out of yarn! That number 95 Noro is fairly rare.

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