Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I saw Hairy Coo

I'm in Scotland right now - on the Isle of Skye. It's been raining on and off - but otherwise it's gorgeous. Every single mountain and valley has a story and they all concern fairies - they are really into stories of fairies here! Earlier today - I managed to buy some yarn too - Real Harris spun yarn. The Scottish Island of Harris is where Harris Tweed is made. I never thought I'd actually get some - It's gorgeous - dark grayish with specks of black and lighter grey. I got enough for a sweater. Yeah!

There are sheep everywhere in Scotland - EVERYWHERE! I'd had to control myself from stopping and picking up every stray lock of fleece I see on the ground. I'd probably have enough for a king sized comforter by now if I did. Along with the sheep - are my favorite four legged friends - the Hairy Coos! They are so laid back. They just kind of stand there and look at you - not much else goes on. They have so much hair - they can barely see you at all - which is maybe why they aren't scared off.

Anyway - in between oohing and ahhing over the sheep and coos - we've been seeing some great sights. We stopped at Eilean Donan castle where they filled Highlander - gorgeous. We also stopped at several other castles and ruined forts - there is just so much history here. The scenery actually reminds me of Hawaii in a way - it too is volcanic made and the mountains look alot like the mountains in Kauai. Except for the white spots (which are sheep!!)

I found my Harris Tweed in a cute little shop in Skye - at a place called Over the Rainbow. They didn't have much selection - but it was the only place I've seen so far that had yarn at all - so I wasn't being too picky.
Later in the trip - we are headed to Inverness and Ullapool and all other kinds of little town with weird names! I'll keep you posted.

I still can't post pics unfortunately - but I'll keep trying - the internet cafe's around here have the CPU locked up - you insert coins like a video game!

Tomorrow is more Scotland highlights - Loch Ness and Inverness and then it's back to Edinburgh.

I have my plans laid for a yarn shop in edinburgh - I hope it works out. I may need to buy another bag for the yarn!

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