Saturday, May 13, 2006

I love London (and Christian Slayter ain't bad either!!)

Cheers from London!!

It has been ab fab so far - I have already heard myself saying things like....

That's brilliant! (imagine the accent... there's no sound on here)


bloody hell!

Anyway - I love it here. I could definitely move here - art, theatre, great food, interesting people, close to other countries - it's got it all. It's definitely a weird feeling to be able to drive for a couple hours and find yourself in another country. I mean we have Canada - but come on - that's really the same thing as here....just a little colder :) In Europe - you can drive to a whole new place that speaks another language entirely.

We only drove around one country so far - but we did drive across the entire thing! We made it from London all the way to Bristol - stopping in betweeen to see Stonehenge, Avebury (another lessor known stone cirlce - but way cool - you can actually touch the rocks and there's sheep roaming around everywhere!), Bath, and Reading. There's not much in Reading I must tell you - we drove around for almost an hour - just trying to find a place to park!

My husband did all the driving - and considering he only ran over a curb 4 times and hit the side mirror only once - I'd saw he did rather well...

Today we headed up to Camden Lock Market to mingle with the punk rockers. I love the unique shops and secret finds... you can browse scarves in one bin and then undies with the Union Jack on them in the next. It's definitely a sight! Oh - and the find of the day!! I found a cute little store that had a yarn section! Nothing much - but I did manage to snag about 5 different types I had never seen before - It's not Scottish Wool - but hey - it made me happy :)

After my yarn fix - we headed back downtown and saw One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Yes - my boy Christian Slayter was in full force. Did I mention I love him? He had a scene in a towel!! I didn't put those binoculars down for a second - who knows what could have happened!! It was a great play and I got to enjoy my theatre ice cream. That's the thing that the good ole USA is missing - ice cream at Intermission!

Tomorrow - it's off to Ediburgh to begin our highland tour!! I wish I could post pics of what I've seen so far - but the damn internet cafe doesn't allow you to save anything on the machines - Argh!

Anyway - more to come later - Hairy Coos - pucker up!!

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