Thursday, May 25, 2006

I'm back!

My first day back at work after my vacation and I am amazed that I'm not completely exhausted. I stayed up late watching Lost (love it!) and woke up early to the sounds of DH watching Lost at 5AM.

The trip was fabulous. The only problem was that we had no time to relax. After the 5 day highland tour - we returned to Edinburgh and toured around like crazy. We left Edinburgh for London and only had that afternoon and evening to look around one more time - and then it was up early to get our flight back. I wish I had one more off day to go to a spa or something! Maybe that's how I will spend my Monday - since I do have off for Memorial day (*evil laugh* ) gotta love taking off 2 weeks - working 2 day and then getting a 3 day weekend.

I still haven't unpacked - I know it's only been a day - but I walked into the house after the flight and everything felt so dirty! i just didn't want to deal with it. It's amazing how dirty a place can get in 2 weeks while no one is even there to mess anything up! There were dust bunnines running across the floor - eveything had a layer of dust on it - half my plants were dead or dying (the mother in law was supposed to water.... don't ask - I'm still not over it) and the entire place smelled like a musty attic. I just couldn't bring myself to do anything more than order pizza and sit and watch my Lost show on Tivo.

I brough in shortbread cookies and candy for the folks at work and they are already gone - piggies!

I'll post pics soon - still trying to get them all uploaded. It takes forever to upload 800 pictures!

Here a crumb until I have time to post more.

Here's a "Close" off the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. They are very small alley type walkways. I think they are quite beautiful!

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Nic said...

Im still jealous- the Scottish accent is my all time fav. I love it.. I love the Proclaimers.. I love Franz Ferndinand... I love Ewan McGregor... I love Groundskeeper Willie... if it's not Scottish it's crap!