Thursday, March 08, 2007

I spoke too soon!

Well I definitely spoke too soon about the whole Spring is coming thing....

We got snow yesterday!! It was coming down slowly all day long. I just know all my bulbs that popped out are going to die!

I know I know - everyone says they are going to be fine - but I still worry!

Even though we only got about an inch of the snow - the dogs still love playing in it and Bailey got his traditional snow mustache. It's kind of hard to see it here - but believe me - it's there!

Oh! - and can I get a "Woohoo!"

My Handmainden Sea Silk finally arrived! I was "forced" into buying some when Mama-E mentioned that the Sweet Sheep had some online. I had never seen it before - but had heard of how luscious it is - so I had to get some. I think I may make this with it:

I picked it up from the post office yesterday after work. Isn't it gorgeous!

The colors remind me of lazing on a white sand beach, looking at the clear blue sky, amid the swaying palm trees and the blue-green ocean...

Mmmmm - I wish I were somewhere tropical right now...

I did spot some turtles today though!

Check out my new turtle earrings!

I made a few pairs of these babies up yesterday for some of my friends that work at the University of Maryland. They are the home of the Terrapins after all. I let them each pick one (I didn't get pics of theirs - darn it!) and I was left with this pair...

They were the ones I wanted after all! Yeah!

I love turtles and have always collected turtle stuff. I seems to be surrounded by other people who love turtle things too. Many of my friends love turtles, my mom collects turtles and I even live in Maryland - home of the Maryland Terps! I guess it was meant to be. Hubbo knew of my love for turtles and when he proposed - he did so with a hand painted turtle box - and wrote "Will you Marry me" inside of it!

Yeah for turtles!

I will leave you with a funny (although bad) picture. (A good blogger is always prepared - camera in hand!!)

I was stuck in some nasty traffic today driving to work on 95. I was sitting there pissed at the world - when I looked over at the car next to me and saw this:

Look at the size of that dog! Look at the size of the car! I think the dog may have outweighed the car by a few pounds! The dog doesn't look happy to be stuck there either!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE those turtle beads!!!
They are so adorable!

And you were right...SPRING WAS HERE!
mmmm your seasilk is even more beautiful than mine. I cannot wait to see how it knits up.

Lolly said...

Ah, the new Sea Silk is TO DIE FOR!

Theresa said...

Love the dog. Nice shot.

Ahhhh... loved the story about how your husband proposed.

And holy yummy yarn. It will be very pretty in that shawl.

danielle said...

The yarn is beautiful and I love the turtle earrings. I love turtles, too, but I'm not so happy with the Terps today. Maryland (basketball) lost to Miami in the first round of the ACC tournament, but it's okay the NCAA tournament is still to come. (Part of my thinking in learning to knit was that it would be perfect to do while watching games with my sports-crazy bf.)

Anonymous said...

The new yarn is beautiful, and I LOVE the turtles! I have a thing for geckos and frogs...

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Diane said...

All I gotta say is "STUPID GROUNDHOG!!!" Early spring my ass.

Nic said...

Snow ha ha.

It was 75 here today.

Sea Silk? mmm now I must go check it out. Thanks. WHN will appreciate your tip to me. Way to make yourself welcome with him!