Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Too many UFOs!!

There is definitely something in the air. Pollen? No - Something else that makes me want to cast on new projects. I have way too many things still on the needles for this urge to come on every day - but alas it does and I end up casting on something new.

This weekend the hubby was away playing with cars - and I was reading the Yarn Harlot's latest - Knitting Rules - and after reading the chapter on socks - I just had to cast one on.

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I am quite happy with these so far. I finished the cuff, leg and heel on Saturday and most of the rest of the foot on Sunday. I started the toe last night and hope to be done with the first one this evening. Unfortunately – hubby saw what I was up to and claimed them as his – so I had to make them a little longer for his big size 12 feet. (I owe him socks!!) So – I may still wear them – there’s nothing wrong with big socks!

My “car knitting” is coming along fine so far – not too much progress – but hey – I only work on it at red lights!

I cast on the next strip this morning – so I will try to update the photo with the new colors soon.

Here it is as of yesterday:

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My knitting group is taking part in a charity to make sweaters for kids in less fortunate areas. I got the pattern and the yarn over the weekend – so of course I had to cast on…..

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This photo looks a little pink to me…. This closeup is truer to the colors…

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I got the yarn from Margaret’s extensive donated stash. She has donated yarn and fabric in every corner of her guest room! I chose a huge Pound ‘o Love in tan

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and some red for some accent stripes.

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I hope it comes out ok – if I get this finished – it will actually be my first sweater! I started one for myself over the winter – but it’s still not done…. I actually haven’t worked on it in quite a while! Ooops!!

Anyway – Margaret has a dog – a big shedding dog – so of course the moment I stepped back inside my house – my two pups were all over me – sniffing and clawing to get inside my bag where the dog hair covered yarn was.

Here’s a pic of Bailey checking it out.

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The two yarns together are almost as big as Hurley!!

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Oh – I almost forgot! I was at the Columbia Festival of the Arts this weekend too. We set up a little knitting area in front of our usual cafĂ© and attracted many onlookers with our knitterly ways. It was a great day – I had sausage and peppers and bought a cool fused class necklace and make from great progress on my socks!

That’s all for now!


Polly said...

If you ever do baby sweaters for charity, there is a great mystery sweater by Meg Swanson that is all garter stitch and while you knit it you have no idea how it can be a sweater but at the end it's folded up and voila a sweater. They have an adult version of it, but something about wearing the same clothes are individuals that poop their pants, just doesnt seem appealing.

Tandi said...

Hurley is too cute!

annelynn said...

Nice pictures! What breed is Hurley? I've never seen anything quite like him. I'm new to this blog (via crazy aunt purl), so I'm sure you've already said. He looks like a cross between Scottie and Westie. Is your other dog a Kerry Blue? At any rate, both are cute.

I look forward to getting to know you.