Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Is it time to build an ark?

It's been raining for three days straight now. We have had over 10 inches in two days and have officially broken the record for the most rain to date!

To quote the weather guy:
“The persistent rainfall has washed away more weather records across the region. Washington's Reagan National Airport yesterday set a new mark for a June 26. The capital's landing strip reported an impressive 4.22 inches for the date. That demolished the old record of 2.62 inches set on the same date in 1942. There are also warnings of more showers and thunderstorms - some of them heavy or severe with rainfall rates of 3 to 4 inches an hour - this afternoon and this evening as more moisture from the tropical Atlantic pours into the region.“

Well the one good thing about the rain is that my grass is finally starting to grow - yeah! It's only been like a month since I planted it. I have been watering it every day - but I guess it needed a deluge.

We haven't had rain in about a month - so to make up for it - God decided to give us all the rain we need - all at once. I'm not complaining or anything - I like rain. But when my dogs refuse to go outside because they may get their feet wet - it can get interesting. I tried to get them outside for about half an hour on Sunday night. We had been gone all day at a friend of mine's house for a barbeque and when we got home - 7 hours later - I knew the dogs needed to go out. So - I open the door and they stop dead in their tracks. They take one look at the rain and turn around and come back in. Great! Now they'll pee on the floor! Not to be outsmarted by mere dogs I decided to take the upper hand and drag them out with their leashes. Well - Hurley can be strong when wants to and he pulled so hard he yanked the collar right off his head and ran back inside.

I decided to go out to the garage next – thinking I’d outsmart them – and see if I could get them to go that way. I got my umbrella and stood outside the garage door beckoning to them to come out – couldn’t they see that I was dry?!

Next came the treat angle – I tried to lure them out with treats. Well that definitely got their attention – but there are some things even treats can’t fix. They still wouldn’t budge – but they were now sticking their noses outside the garage door trying to reach the treats I was dangling right in front of them. Hurley got brave for a second (or his stomach just took over – and he dashed out for the treat yanked it from my hand and ran back into the garage. Bailey realized what had happened and he too ran for the treat – but this time I was smarter and ran farther away with the treat still taunting him. He decided he didn’t care all that much for the treat after all and went back in. By now – both dogs were already wet – I was wet and the rain showed no signs of lessening.

Begging didn’t help – yelling didn’t help – pleading didn’t help – they were just not having any of it. Eventually – Hurley peed in the garage. So – I let him back in the house. Now it was just Bailey and me. My little man and his will to not pee in the house was too great for him to just pee in the garage. But he also really had to pee. I could see it on his face. So I did the only thing I could do. I picked him up – carried him down the driveway and to the street – down the road a ways and then dumped him into the muck. When it happened – I don’t think he quite knew what had happened. At first he just kind of looked at me like – I can’t believe you did that! Then he resigned himself to his fate – peed right were he was and ran back to the garage.

Don’t you just love the rain?!


Polly said...

Yeah you know you are having a serious storm when it is the front page of CNN.com. I thought of you today when there was a flash storm (more thunder and lightning with brief rain) and thought, wow at least this storm will end in 5 minutes unlike you know where.

Cheryl said...

We've had alot of rain here too, but thankfully western PA didn't get hit like Eastern PA did.... and believe it or not they are still saying we are in a drought watch....WHERE?????