Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Time to Make the Donuts

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Well – I did something last night I never thought I’d do. I sat in the parking lot of Krispy Kreme and knit!! Ok – I will explain.

My husband is a car nut. He loves his cars – more specifically VWs. He likes to hang out with other freaks – I mean car lovers – at the local Krispy Kreme. They all arrive and line up their cars and pop the hoods and oohh and ahh over their “mods” and new wheels and everything like. I thought it was scarily similar to the way us ladies ooh and aahh over yarn – but if I mentioned that to hubby – he’s probably deny it.

Anyway – I get dragged to this event more often that I care to go. So – I mentioned this fact to one of my knitting friends, Holly Anne and she suggested she could bring her son (who also likes cars) to the Tuesday get together. We could meet up and knit – she suggested. What an idea! I could combine something I love with something I don’t and voila! Car night at Krispy Kreme won’t be so bad!!

So – I arrive at said location and wonder of wonders – not only is Holly Anne there – but she also brought another one of our knitting obsessed gal pals, Margaret! How awesome is that!! So now we have me, 2 of my knitting friends and their children – all sprawled out on the sidewalk looking like a couple of square pegs in a sea of car guys. It was hilarious!

Here’s a pic to prove it actually happened.

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I felt kind of bad exposing the children of my friends to one of the car guys that showed up. Most are friendly – but there was one guy there who drives a car with a license plate that read “LUCIFER” and he even had SATAN put on the car itself in metal letters. Great! Just what you want to see at a sit and knit. We had no trouble picking out the guy the car belonged to. He was the one covered head to toe in tattoos – one of which read 666. Fun! Sorry Margaret! If your children are scarred for life – you can brand me with 666!

Anyway – I am very close to finishing my second sock. I should hopefully be able to finish it tonight or tomorrow. Fingers crossed! I did finally get around to finishing my felted bag. I added a cool sewn in lining in a lovely Chinese looking fabric.

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I just need the handles now. I have some – but they just aren’t quite right. I’ll need to buy some others – if only Joann’s would restock their purse handle selection. They have been sold out for a week now! Argh!

On the jealous side of my world – my hubby just got an iPod yesterday. He bought it from a guy he works with. Now – I have my own iPod and I love it – but his came with 12,000 songs!! I mean this thing will play for a year and never run out of new material!! I was at the computer for over an hour last night looking at the songs and I only got down to about D going in alphabetical order by artist! I want 12,000 songs on my iPod!

I will get them soon enough *Evil laugh*


Malowuj Andreasson said...

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Polly said...

OMIGOD donuts and knitting. I have to admit my knitting has saved me from plenty of boring situations (here is true confession- I tood my knitting to my husbands swearing in ceremony to become a US citizen - trust me I got a lot of knitting done there) And when you talk to husband, play up the good supportive wife angle and not the you got to knit because you can knit anywhere. Also thought about cruise. I didnt ask as much as I announced. It made the negotiations so much simpler.

LargeMarge said...

The girls loved running around the grass outside of Krispy Kreme. I think they were too distracted to notice Satan... :O)