Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bailey and Hurley!

Thanks for all the kind comments about my dogs. They are cute aren't they!! Both are miniature schauzers. Bailey is my older dog and my sweet boy! He was named after the drink Bailey's Irish Creme....

He's 6 and has been with me longer than my husband :)

Hurley is the puppy and he's 10 months old. He is named after the big guy on Lost. (We thought he was lovable!) We got him so that he could be my husband's dog - here he is the first day we brought him home. He was so tiny!!

He was also meant to be a playmate for Bailey. Even though he was meant for everyone but me - he has somehow chosen me as his favorite. He follows me everywhere.

Bailey was very jealous at first. That was one of the main reasons we got Hurley. Anytime I would touch another dog or a baby - Bailey would freak out and try to get onto my lap. It's like he was claiming me as his and no one else was allowed to get love from me. Well - He was very upset when we first brought Hurley home - but now they are very good friends. They play together and wrestle and even sleep near each other. Hurley wants to snuggle with Bailey - but Bailey's still not having anything to do with that. I think he sees him as an annoying little brother. OK to play with once in a while - but "Geez mom - don't let my friends see me hanging out with him!"

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Even though they are both the same breed of dog - it's amazing how much they each have their own personality. Bailey is definitely NOT a lap dog. He's a lay next to kind you dog. He wants to be touching you - just not actually be on you. Hurley on the other hand - thinks he's a parrot. He wants to climb to the highest point (usually my shoulder) and perch himself there to watch the goings on. He always wants to be playing or sitting on my lap. I swear I have developed some pretty major arm muscles just from playing tug with him!

Hurley is the ultimate lovable pup though and even though he's hyper and loves to chew on everything from plants to shoes to paper to cardboard boxes to knitting needles (wait I think he's gone too far now!!) I still love him. He just gives kisses all day long.

But - I must admit - Bailey will always be my little man. My pookey dookey. My poopie bear... my lova duba... wait. I think I've said too much!

Tell me about your pets! What kinds do you have, how many, what are their names?

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