Thursday, June 29, 2006

Finished Projects - yeah!

Knitting update! I got a lot of my unfinished projects done - yippee!!

here are my first PAIR of socks - weeee!!!!!

And my new cool iPod case....

My co-workers keep telling me I could sell these for like $10 each. $10 each! I cried - for my precious yarn and time - no way! I will only give them away to dear friends and family. I am very happy with how it came out and it gave me another change to practise my Kitchener stitch!

I also finally got the button sewn on the bib I knit for my friend - she had the baby the same day I finished - so maybe there is something to be said about that superstition that babies won't be born until their knitted items are finished!!

So - since I was so proud of myself for finishing all these things - I decided to cast on a new purse. It's a gorgeous torquoise color and has lime green and yellow novelty yarn on the edge. I will hopefully get this sucker felted tonight and maybe get the handles on in time to show you!!

Here it is - pre sewing up and pre-felting:

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I think I am also going to cast on my second pair of socks this evening at my knitting group... or maybe I'll start a log cabin blanket.... or maybe.... I don't know - I'll just have to update you later when I decide what to do next!

Happy Knitting!

PS - I hope the rain stops soon - or I'll be washed away (along with all my new grass seeds!!)


Cheryl said...

You did a great job on the socks!!! I love the ipod case too!! I'm with you -- $10-- no less than $20!!!!

Emma said...

Beautiful socks! Love the iPod case. I need to make one of those, I think.

Polly said...

People have no concept on what it takes to knit something. I used to do impressive hard patterns for friends/family and they were always oh that's nice. I whip out stockinette and I would get oooos ahhhh.

But speaking of ooo and ahh I really like the nice touches on your IPOD case. I love the the holder for the ear pieces. And the color is great. Hold out for #=$12 ;)