Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Log cabin pillows

I sewed some log cabin scrappy pillows a few weeks ago using some stash fabric and some fabric from one of my grandmother's outfits. My grandmother loved to wear these 60s style polyester pant suits. One of her favorites was this brown houndstooth number. I can still see her in it!

My mom was going to donate all of her clothes but I asked for that outfit. I decided to make some pillows that incorporated some of the fabric from this outfit as a way to keep her memory close.

I made one for my mom and one for me.

Scrappy pillows

Scrappy pillow

Scrappy pillow

I love how it came out! These are a wonderful quick stash buster project. I may have to make some more of these pillows as gifts - minus the polyester pants suit strips of course!!


byronicwoman said...

fantastic. i made a pillow and a hot water bottle cozy out of the last present my grandmother ever bought me (in 1987) - a fleecy polar bear robe. they make me feel better when i'm under the weather. god bless grandmothers!

Beth said...

What a great memory project! I'm sure your grandmother would be very pleased. You are so thoughtful and creative!

Anonymous said...

Aww, that so sweet.
And I love the pillows.

Lisette M said...

These look great! A wonderful way to remember your grandmother. I LOVE log cabin!

Kathleen said...

My Grandma made me a throw which has squares of her polyester pants - she didn't waste anything- and a nice flannel on the other side. It reminds me of her.

MsJoanie said...

Awe, that's so sweet and thoughtful.

RedThread said...

These are great! I love fabrics.. I keep fighting and fighting the urge to get into quilting, but I know one of these days it's going to win.

HDMac said...

These are beautiful! :)