Friday, September 18, 2009

Fungus Friday!

Happy Friday! It's been a loooong week here at casa Javajem. Work and meetings and other commitments have kept me busy! I'm very happy it's Friday!

Saturday is World Wide Spin in Public Day! So go out and sit and spin somewhere. I'll be in Baltimore with my spinning group. If anyone wants to joins us - we will be starting around 10am, in the park in Mt. Vernon, outside the Engineer's Club. The park is around the Washington Monument on Charles Street and has four "arms," one in each direction. We'll be in the "west" arm toward Cathedral Street.

Sunday I'll be pouring wine again for my friends at Far Eastern Shore Winery. The Maryland wine festival in Westminster MD this weekend - go check it out!

Now - on the fungus! hehe.... It may be because it's been so wet lately - but the woods next to my house have flowered with the most beautiful fungus! Here's a mosiac of the different types I found:

Fungus mosaic

I think the top left looks like sea shells and the top right looks like a brain!


Lyn said...

Beautiful photos - you are too multi-talented! Hopefully you'll get to drink a little of what you pour...

Anonymous said...

We went to the winefest on Saturday. This year's winner as my favorite winery? Far Eastern Shore!! We bought 3 bottles of their Autumn!

Hope you enjoyed today!

Javajem said...

That's so great! I'm gload you enjoyed the Autumn - it's one of my favs too!