Monday, October 06, 2008

Weekend Light

Saturday night I joined my good friend Jolene and her family at the lakefront for Light the Night - a walk to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. This cause is definitley near and dear to my heart. My Dad is a Lymphoma survivor and Jolene's daughter, Samantha, is a Leukemia survivor. This yearly event is a chance to celebrate their life and remember those who are no longer with us.

It was a beautiful day! We had a wondeful time before the walk looking at the lake and taking pictures.

Light the Night

Light the Night

Here is Samantha getting her banner ready for the big event...
Light the Night

The colors were just amazing that day! The trees were golden and reflected perfectly in the lake.

Autumn color

Samantha looks beautiful next to these golden mums...


Here's Samantha's little sis! Isn't she the cutest!


and her little bro (my boyfriend) was flirting as usual...


At dusk - the walk started!

Light the Night

I just love the glow of the balloons in the darkness.

Light the Night

After the walk - we had hotdogs and chips and then went back to Jolene's place for yummy pumpkin muffins. It was such a great night!


MEI said...

The picture of the lake is gorgeous!!

bySarah said...

I enjoyed your pics a lot, and I'm just a tiny bit jealous I missed it. Moving sucks sometimes...miss you guys!

maitai said...

jody, your photos are gorgeous! and what a great event.

Coleen said...

Um... excuse me..

Joe is MY boyfriend.

Cari said...

Those are some ridiculously cute kids. And how are the leaves turning faster down there than up here in PA? Does not compute!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jody!

mrspao said...

Looks like a great and worthwhile and fun event!