Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's better at Bryce

Last weekend was John's birthday weekend! He's old now :)

Oct 08 116

As a special treat for the long weekend - I took him to the Shanandoah Valley in Virginia. A wonderful co-worker of mine lent us his cabin in the Bryce Resort area for the weekend. It was a fabulous place to stay!

Bryce Cabin

It was a three story cabin with a wood burning stove and a hot tub! There was a huge field next door that the dogs loved running around in. The wood burning stove was heavenly and kept everything toasty warm! Can't you just smell the fire in this picture!

The Cabin

Since we had a big place all to ourselves - we invited some friends to join us! Our friends Tara and Tien decided to fly in for the day! Tien is a pilot - so this is somewhat normal for them :) They flew into the "airport" - which was really just a long landing strip in a field. I was even lucky enough to get a little ride!

Bryce by air

The valley looked just amazing from the air. Look at all those colors!

Our other friends Tim and Lisa, and Kim and Payal arrived in time for lunch. After eating a bountiful feast including home made red velvet cake -(thanks Tara) - we went to a few vineyards for some wine tasting.

Here is Shenandoah Winery...
Shanandoah Vineyard

The setting was so beautiful. This was a more established vineyard and had lots of grapes bursting off the vine ready for picking. There were lots of goats frolicking around too! One was just in love with Tim. You can see him getting his hand nibbled on in the mosaic above.

After that windery - we headed to Wolf Gap Vineyard. This was a much newer vineyard and they were still getting their grapes established, but the wine was still tastey!

The best part to me was the view. It was so nice just to sit on their balcony and watch the sun sink into the west.

Wolf Gap Winery

The next day we went to Mt Jackson and saw the Apple Festival on the main street
Apple Festival

There were arts and crafts, antiques, apples (of course) and even a trout fishing pond where you could try your luck for ten minutes! These cute puppies were for sale. I had to keep reminding myself that these Rotties get BIG!!! - or else they would have come with me. Ah how I love puppy breath! I did come home with a Vintage Vogue Sewing book - still in the original orange box from the 60's! I can't wait to try some of the techniques.

We saw this sign there that totally cracked me up:
No poo!

I think I need one for the yard! ahem...

Anyway - After the festival - we headed out to Shenandoah Caverns.

Caves always fascinate me. The formations here were no exception. On the road leading to the cave - there was a life sized Cootie! Remember that game?

Shanandoah Caverns

After the caverns - we said goodbye to the rest of our friends and then decided to tool around the area some more enjoying the sights.

We came upon this amazing covered bridge! I was blown away by the craftsmanship of this thing. It was solid! Just look at those beams!

Covered Bridge

While there - this beautiful antique car rolled by. The perfect addition to the perfect setting.

Cool Car

Everywhere we went - the fall colors were just amazing! The leaves haven't really started to change where we live yet - but at the higher altitudes there - you could really see some amazing color!


Lovely Fall color

Sky Bryce Airstrip

Oct 08 125

Lovely Fall color

A big thank you to our friends for an awesome weekend!


I'll end this extremely long post now and leave you with one of the sunsets we saw.



Mia said...

The photos are stunning. It is always amazing the beauty found in nature. It sounds like you both had fun.

And that sign is perfect. Except that dogs don't read.

mrspao said...

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Great photos - you are such a cute couple :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my - You just showed me a place I should see sometime in my lifetime. Your pictures are beautiful!

bySarah said...

1) Spectacular Pictures!
2) Happy birthday John!
3) Tara & Tien are SO COOL.
4) Hot tub!!
5) It looks like you had SO MUCH fun. I'm glad!

Dana S. Whitney said...

Gorgeous! I haven't ever been to that part of the country. Hope the scenery and partial solitude were calming and healing for you both.

allison said...

WoW, thank you for writing about your weekend in the Valley, it was great having you visit Shenandoah Caverns. Please come back and visit soon.

maitai said...

everything about your trip looks absolutely amazing and stunning. your photos are gorgeous! i'm so jealous! be sure to send your awesome coworker an amazing floral bouquet or some handknit socks because he/she ROCKS!

Lynn said...

Gorgeous!!! It sounds like a wonderful time. I am so glad you two were able to get away - definitely well deserved!!! Happy Birthday to John!!!

Brigita said...

Stunning pictures! And happy birthday to the birthday boy! :)

Anonymous said...

What fabulous photos!!! What a fabulous weekend! So nice to get a glimpse of your memorable weekend.

MEI said...

What fabulous photos!! The color is amazing.

Anonymous said...

GOR. GE. OUS. i'm so jealous! i love new mexico, but we never get fall they way you do. *sigh*

Sereknitty said...

Wow, what a fabulous post! All the pictures were awe-inspiring ... the colours were truly amazing. Thanks for sharing! BTW, I LOVE puppy breath too!!

Stitchify said...

*sigh* I feel like I just got back from a vacation! Very nice Jody =)

Cari said...

Wow, what a great weekend. Every picture is beautiful.

Zonda said...

What a wonderful weekend, thanks for sharing those gorgeous photos!! Wow! Hehe..that sign though!

weebug said...

incredible photos. thank you so muich for sharing them

Anonymous said...

Jody, your pictures are just stunning. I always feel surprised at how picturesque Virginia is -- especially the last picture.

Glad you had a wonderful weekend -- you and John have rich lives to celebrate!

Ruth's Place said...

So pretty, and I covet that cabin!

John doesn't look that old!

Seriously, glad that you guys had a wonderful weekend.

Stacey said...

what an amazing weekend! looks like the weather was just perfect for seeing all that beautiful scenery!!!

knitfriendly said...

Wow - what an amazing trip. I love to go to wineries and I have not gone to either one that you mentioned. Looks like a road trip is in store! :)

Linda said...

Beautiful photos!

We live at Bryce and we love it!

J D C 009 said...

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