Thursday, October 23, 2008

Vanderbilt built a mansion

When you make the turn into the driveway towards Vanderbilt mansion - this is the view you are greeted with. It's like you are entering heaven!

Vanderbilt Mansion

The leaves were just glowing with golden and orange light.

Vanderbilt Mansion

Vanderbilt Mansion

Vanderbilt Mansion

The backyard had these amazing views of the Hudson River. Across the way was an equally gorgeous mansion. Anyone know what this one is?

Vanderbilt Mansion

I wouldn't mind having a backyard like this!

Vanderbilt Mansion

Vanderbilt Mansion

The house itself was massive! I love the collumns and wrought iron details.
Vanderbilt Mansion

The details aren't appreciated until you get up close and personal...
Vanderbilt Mansion

Vanderbilt Mansion

It was such a gorgeous day - we layed in the grass in the front yard for a while just soaking in the sunshine.

Jolene and Joe



Vanderbilt Mansion

Vanderbilt Mansion

Vanderbilt Mansion

When we headed to the parking lot to leave - one more shiny object caught my eye - a vintage jaguar. I just love how the leaves reflected in the glossy black paint.
Vanderbilt Mansion

If you ever have a chance to visit this place I highly recommend it!


maitai said...

whoaaa, blogspot has this new commenting system?? very cool! your photos are gorgeous! i need to go visit this mansion. so what's that one across the river?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos. I am so glad you shared them.

Stitchify said...

Woah! You never cease to amaze me.

Jewel said...

What great pictures and what a cute baby!

Lindsay said...

It looks so gorgeous up there! I'm so jealous over your trip:) Every year I swear I'm going to head up to Rhinebeck but have yet to make it. Very nice pictures. What kind of camera do you use, by the way?

Sereknitty said...

Amazing photos, all of them, but in particular, that one of the mansion, taken from across the river ... unbelievable colours!!

Lynn said...

i totally want to go there!!! so gorgeous in fall!

mrspao said...

Wow! What a stunning place!

Mia said...

The light was nice and soft for your photos. Autumn at its finest. But I am still waiting to see the photos your purchases.

Ruth's Place said...

Beautiful pictures as always! Gorgeous garden, but just think of all the lawn to mow...

gnomegarden said...

JODY! These photos are STUNNING. You know how to rock that camera, girl. Just wow.