Monday, January 07, 2008

Destination: Philadelphia!

I grew up in Eastern PA - about an hour from Philly and an hour from New York. Believe it or not - I rarely ever got to Philly. My parents took me to New York City all the time - for shows, day trips, shopping, Rockefeller Center, Central park, museums etc. I loved visiting NY. I am now discovering the other city that I grew up near - Philadelphia.

I went to Philly on Sunday to meet up with Sarah. She lives in RI now (boo hoo!) but was in Philly for work - so I thought - Hey!! That's only an hour and a half drive from Baltimore! Soon enough - the date was set - we'd meet in Philly and shop around Fabric Row near South Street and 4th.

Unfortunately - almost all the fabric shops were closed on Sunday :( But we did get to one yarn shop - Sophie's Yarns. It was a cute shop with some beautiful yarns. We didn't buy anything (nothing jumped out at us), but had fun looking around.

Shopping in Philly

Lunch was heavenly :) We had cheese steaks at Jim's Steaks. There's nothing like a good Philly cheese steak!! In Baltimore - they think a cheese steak means mayo, lettuce and tomato on top of the steak - so not what a cheese steak should be! It needs to be cheese whiz, steak and onions - period! I may not have visited Philly all that much growing up - but the Philly style cheese steak was definitely part of my childhood. I still remember going to Greasy Dicks (a.k.a Richard's Drive-In) and ordering a nice juicy cheese steak with pirogies.... yum!

Another stop was Pearl art supplies. I got some dye for yarn and some ink pens. I will fill you in more about the dye soon - I going to try an overdying experiment on some yarn I got.

After our shopping and eating adventures - we headed over to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed walking around, taking photos and even did a bit of sock knitting on a nearby bench.

Independence Hall and Liberty bell

Here I am trying (unsuccesfully) to take a picture of us with Independence hall behind. Just use your imagination :)

Sarah and Jody

Later we hung out and knit some more and then had sushi at a nearby restaurant. Thanks for a great day Sarah!!


Coleen said...

Jealous! Looks like you two had a great time!

Nic said...

That's good you took a picture that obscures the crack in the Liberty Bell. I wish they would get that fixed already.

Did people visiting fabric row today see your nose prints up against windows of stores?

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous too, looks like great fun. Love the picture of the two of you, and the one of the ants on the building, very cool.

Anonymous said...

I love the bell picture.

It looks like you had a great time! That's what I miss about being overseas, getting together with my friends. *sigh*


Amie said...

So wait, you make this big cryptic comment about how she was in town for work - "so I thought" - and then never explain?

Was she not in town for work? Was it really a secret romantic rendezvous? An evil plot to fill the crack in the Liberty Bell? Filming as Nick Cage's love interest in National Treasure 38906?

What do you mean!?!?!?!?!

And how am I supposed to sleep until this mystery is solved!!!???

Jody said...

My thought was the "Hey! I could met her in Philly!"

Wake up and read Amie - geez!!


Nittany Knits said...

What a great day! I've been meaning to get the kids up there for some time, but something always gets in the way. I think you've inspired me to make it happen.

Anonymous said...

great pics, as usual...
guess what, I think that mayo lettuce and tomato on grilled steak is better than the whiz. sorry.

futuregirl said...

I opened your blog and thought, "Hey, that looks familiar!" Glad you had fun in Philly! :)

Jinann said...

What fun! Philly Cheesesteaks....yummmmm! Did you eat any pretzel bread?????