Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I am so in love with this hat! I love the pattern, the yarn, the fit, everything. I'm not usually a hat wearing kind of gal, but the combo of bone chilling weather and this awesome pattern won me over.

Jan08 293

Pattern: Koolhaas by BrooklynTweed
Yarn: Malabrigo (mmmmm - yummy!)
Needles: Size 6 and 8 DPNs
Alterations: None

I taught myself how to cable without a cable needle for this hat. It was so much easier than using a cable needle since this entire hat is made up of little 1x1 cables.


I highly recommend this pattern for a quick and yet satisfying knit!



Polly said...

Isn't cabling without a needle great??? I used to think eh a cable needle is easy enough, but no it really is easier to ditch that little guy. I love the color of the yarn.

turtlegirl76 said...

It looks great on you! Fabulous color too!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful hat. Great color.

Great job!

Trillian42 said...

So CUTE! I'm a needle-free cabler, too. Best idea ever.

Bea said...


Anonymous said...

it looks GREAT!
I am totally inspired to cast on my own!!

Stacey said...

another super cute one!!! i have to make one of these!!!

CiCi and CAJtalk said...

The color is great and looks good on you. I also want to make this hat. It is beautiful!


Kerry said...

That is a great pattern and I agree with everyone else that it looks fantastic on you. BUT, your gorgeous fingerless glove pattern would look great on me and several other people I know. No pressure though. ;-)

Ann said...

It looks great! I love the depth of the cables.

Molly said...


Beautiful hat!
I have that one on my distant wish list. I haven't had the balls to add it to my actual list, as that list is too long already. I also love the hat you made for John.
THANK YOU for all your terrific Philadelphia information! It sounds like such a great city. I'm giddy.
I'll definitely explore some of your suggested spots.


Anonymous said...

I am not a hat girl cause it musses up the hair but that hat is gorgeous and I may just have to give it a try!!! I have never done cables without a needle, another reason to try it. It is such a pretty pattern and I love the color!!