Monday, January 21, 2008

Hats hats everywhere

I have a few finished objects to share with you this week! It's colder than cold here lately - so I have had hats on the brain!

First up (and the first finished object of this year) is a simple ribbed hat for John.

Ribbed Cap

Pattern: Christmas Emergency Hat by Jenny Dolan
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Merino Chunky
Needles: Size 10 DNPs
Alterations: Instead of knitting it with three strands of worsted weight yarn held together - I just used one strand of bulky yarn.

Ribbed cap

My mom was visiting a few weeks ago and she wanted me to show her how to knit (again). I had tried to teach her once before and she started a purse, but was getting "bored" with it and wanted something smaller and easier. So I thought a simple basic hat was just the ticket. I got her started on hers and I started this one at the same time, and she was on a roll for a while, but then alas... it was also too boring for her.

"I want to see some progress!" she says. So while I finished my little ribbed hat on my own that evening, she got her "progress fast knit fix" all right. I gave her some size 35 needles and Lion Brand Thick and Quick and she was off!

Yeah... she had about a foot done in like an hour. She was thrilled! Go mom! I wish I had a photo to brag on her some more!


turtlegirl76 said...

Oh heck yeah! Those broom sticks will get your knit juices flowing in a pinch!

Love the hat. The colors are fun! They remind me of Yarn Nerd.

Anonymous said...

The hat and John look great. Love the colours.

Anonymous said...

Cool hat Jody! I hope John gets some moderately cool time out in the sunshine to enjoy it!

Stacey said...

super cute hat! love the stripes! it totally reminds me of one my dad used to have that he wore to death!