Saturday, August 11, 2007

More Bend the Rules Sewing

After I got my first taste yesterday with the cute bibs - I couldn't keep away! I made this awesome Artsy Clutch from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing.

I just happened to have some great Amy Butler fabric waiting for the perfect project - and here it is!

My first Artsy Cluth!

Artsy Clutch

I love this button too. I didn't have any elastic - so I used a hair elastic ala Dogged knits for the closure. I think it works great!

Artsy Clutch

You didn't think I only made one did you?

Here is my second Arsty Clutch!

Artsy Clutch

Artsy Clutch

I used some cotton canvas for this second one and it makes it so sturdy! I got a sweet deal from Henry Road - you can purchase their left over fabric in bulk! You don't know what you're going to end up with - but I ordered two "fabric remnants" and got a bunch of awesome prints. I highly recommend checking it out.


GingerPyeJackson said...

Outstanding as always.

Zonda said...

Those are both very pretty! Lovely fabrics!

Jinann said...

Those bags are so cute! And I love the bibs from your previous post. Where do you find the time????

R a i n said...

Wow...WHERE on earth do you get those awesome buttons?

Love the clutch!

Stacey said...

those are so cute - love the hair elastic idea - there are tons of colors of them around!

Sarah said...


Shelby said...

SO pretty!! I love them!! I really need to learn how to sew!

Cheryl said...

Jodi! Those clutches are beautiful and hip! I love them. Will check out the pattern for future sewing--maybe gifts for the holidays.

Ashley said...

Oooh, so cute! I love the little flower buttons--and that chrysanthemum fabric.