Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cape Cod Part III

Since I'm leaving tomorrow AGAIN for another trip - I figured I'd better post the last part of my trip now.

On Sunday - Sarah took me on a tour of Falmouth and all it's beaches. I know Sarah told me the name of each and every beach we visited... but alas! I don't remember which is which. I think I was at Woodneck beach, Old Silver Beach, and Stoney Beach... your guess is as good as mine as to which is which.... Sarah? help?

Our first stop was here:

There were tons of shells on this beach and gorgeous houses lining the shore.
I think if the beach cottage doesn't work out... I'll move into one of these!

Falmouth Beach

There was a sailboat class going on too while where we there.

Falmouth beach

Falmouth beach

Our second stop was my favorite... we went swimming and laid out for a while here. The water was sooooooooo warm! I felt like I was in the tropics!

Falmouth Beach

A group of kids caught my eye ... they were all crawling around in the sand looking at something... I went over to investigate and there were little hermit crabs everywhere! It was so funny - they were catching them all and putting the little wiggling crabs into buckets by size. One little girl got her finger caught by a crab and screamed until it unlatched itself. i thought for sure that would be the end of that... but in a minute she was back to catching crabs like nothing had happened!

Falmouth beach

I also got to see the most gorgeous lighthouse...

This is Nobska lighthouse.

Isn't it amazing!!


Nobska Lighthouse

It was such a fabulous weekend - thanks again Sarah for letting me stay with you!!!

This weekend - I'm off to a family reunion in Wisconsin! Hopefully then - I can relax and maybe not travel for a week or two? Maybe?


Anonymous said...

I am so so about the beach but OMG I totally want to go! It looks so nice and calm.
Sorry work has been so hard/busy this past week.

Sarah said...

The first beach was megansette, the second was old silver, and the lighthouse is nobska light.

I am a slacker.
I will post the photos from my camera when I get home this weekend.

Forest said...
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Stacey said...

(Forest was signed in so i did a boo-boo post as him first...)

what a fun weekend!! look at all the stuff you guys did!! you had perfect weather - I wish I could have stayed!!!

Theresa said...

I've so enjoyed seeing all your Cape Cod pictures. I was in Provincetown last year for my honeymoon and can't wait to go back. I kept saying "I was there! there too!"

Where in Wisconsin are you headed? I am actually leaving for Wisco myself tonight. But only to meet up with my family to caravan over to Michigan.

Have fun!

Jinann said...

It looks like you really had a fantastic time....and didn't you say it was a short trip? With all your travels, you must be absolutely exhausted!!!! As always, your pictures are fabulous!