Thursday, August 09, 2007

I love Wisconsin!

We went to Wisconsin this past weekend for a family reunion!

Anyway... We were there Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Four fun filled day! I haven't been out to see my relatives in Wisconsin for about 10 years - so it was so nice to see everyone again.

I know that when most people think of Wisconsin - cheese and cows and other dairy related things come to mind. This is probably not far from the truth! We happened to be in Milwaukee just in time to go to the Wisconsin State Fair! And what was at the fair you ask? Lots of cows!! and cheese and other animals...

Wisconsin State Fair

It was a gorgeous day - if only a little too hot for my taste - but as you can see here the sky was a gorgeous shade of blue:


We met up with my Dad's younger brother and his family for a nice walk around. We had Hot Wisconsin Cheese balls (no - I'm not kidding!), Bratwurst, and the best cream puffs ever. It was fun to catch up with my youngest cousins - who I hadn't seen in forever!

Another stop on our trip was to the University of Wisconsin - Madison. My dad's alma mater! This campus is just gorgeous!! If you are a high school senior - or have kids that are - I highly recommend checking it out. It looks like a resort! It's on a lake and the views are just breathtaking... They also have the coolest chairs at the student union.

University of Wisconsin Sites

The Domes are three HUGE greenhouses full of all kinds of gorgeous plants and flowers. If you've read my blog - you know I'm a sucker for flower pics...

I was in heaven!

The Domes

But the highlight of the trip was definitely the reunion. We all had to wear name tags - since there were so many of us. I met 3rd and 4th cousins I didn't even know I had! It was a great time. Here's a pic of all of us...


and here's one of my favs... a self portrait of me and my cousin.

Those who know me - know that I often like to greet people in this manner - I guess it runs in the family!!!!

PS - for those 70's show lovers out there who understood my title.... Javaman kept asking all of my relatives... so where's Point Place anyway?


laura said...


Lindsay said...

I almost went to Wisconsin last week while I was driving up to The Fold in Illinois. From my map analysis, it looks lie it's probably only 45 minutes out of the way. Alas, I didn't make it.

Anonymous said...

OOOOH... Love all the flower photos.

Hot wisconsin cheese balls...{snicker}

Stacey said...

as weird as they sound, cheese balls are something i would gladly try...mmmm...cheese...

my dad has been teaching at UWisc Eau Claire for over 20 years now - in all that time I have NEVER been out there!!! crazy!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are fantastic!! I really love the one looking up at the people on the ride.

(Hot cheese?!?)

Glad you had a fun trip!

brsmaryland said...

Your photos are incredible! So sharp and vibrant.

Theresa said...

Mmmm fried cheese curds, a Wisconsin delicacy! So glad you had the cream puffs at the fair too. They are legendary. It's been too many years since I had one.

Cool pics of the UW Union. It's a great place. I spent many nights there during college. I think you were there at the same time as my bro who was in town for a wedding at the Union.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the flower pictures, especially the cactus. I'm a sucker for cactus. Never heard of cheese balls, but if it's got cheese in it it's got to be good.

Anonymous said...

I was pleased to visit your web site/blog and that you enjoyed one of the BEST State Fairs in the USA! If you misssed the 40 by 70 foot Wis. State Fair Museum in the huge Expo Hall come visit it and me in 2009! (;-). Sincerely, Jerry Zimmerman...Wisconsin State Fair Historian