Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Hurley!

It's my dog Hurley's birthday! (Well it was actually his birthday on Sunday) but I'm just getting around to posting about it. He was 2 years old on Sunday. He's a big boy now!! After two years - we still call him "the puppy" and probably always will. My other dog Bailey is the "big dog" - in both size and mannerisms - so Hurley aptly became the puppy.

This face says it all!!


He is my perpetually happy, tail-wagging, toy playing obsessed little pup!


His favorite toy is "Chicken" - I love the expression on chicken's face - that says it all!

Hurley and "chicken"

Hurley's favorite thing to do is play fetch - especially tennis balls at the local dog park. Here he is in mid flight!

Hurley runs for the ball

He's definitely been known to get into trouble... chewing my shoes, eating pens, plants, paper, you name it - he's tried to eat it!! When you actually do give him food - he inhales it like he's never seen food before!


Here he is with his brother Bailey and his pal Murphy (who also happened to have a birthday recently!) swimming at the beach.

The Gang

(even at the beach - he wants to play fetch!)


But no matter his chewing, fetching, fiesty ways - he still manages to win my heart over each evening when he snuggles up beside me - tuckered out for the night.

Happy Birthday Hurley!!



Anonymous said...

Awesome Hurley Pics!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pupper!

MEI said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Hurley!

Heidi said...

May there always be a spot on the big bed for you, Hurley. Many sniffs, Smither's Spice.

Mauren Mureaux said...

He's really cute, what a face!

Pooch said...

Hurley is loaded with personality!! Love the fun pics!

I belong to a web group called Dogs on Thursday. I really enjoy it, maybe you would too. Here's the URL for more info:



Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Hurley! What a face he's got.


Stacey said...

Happy Birthday Big Man!!! :)

Shelby said...

happy birthday Hurley!!!

danielle said...

I am not even a dog person, but he is ADORABLE! Happy Birthday to Hurley! Did he get a puppy birthday cake?

Diane said...

Happy Birthday Hurley!

Jinann said...

Happy Birthday Hurley! I love the action shot. I love dogs period!

chacha / Jen said...

Puppy pics, yay! Happy Birthday, pooch!

Anonymous said...

hurley... the hurley hurlster... fetchin the ba-all....

Rock on hurl-a-rino!

Minerva Turkey said...

He looks super sweet! Great pictures.

Lolly said...

what a cutie! happy (belated) bday!