Monday, May 21, 2007


I survived!! Not only did I survive - but I enjoyed it too!

We headed out on Saturday and came home Sunday afternoon. Let me tell ya - I was exhausted when I got home! The dogs were too.

We went to Point Lookout State Park in Southern MD.

Here's our campsite:


We did all the fun camping stuff like roasting marshmellows and sitting around the campfire (kntting of course!) - but I think the highlight of the trip was the dog beach!

The dogs had the best time running around the beach, playing in the water and eating bugs. (yes - there were LOTS of bugs!)

Here's the "Gang" - playing in the water - The Murph, Bailey and Hurley:

The Gang



Murphy was the only one to go swimming - but believe it or not - both Bailey and Hurley went in up to their necks!! I don't have a photo of this though because I had to be in the water to get them to come in! Talk about separation anxiety!!

The Murph


The "Sand" was a cool mixture of shells, stones and other beach debris. It looked pretty though.


Here's one of my fav pics of the sand with a watercolor effect on it. It's amazing all the different colors that are in here!

Watercolor Rocks


Amy said...

Looks like all of you had some fun this weekend. Great pictures of the beach and dogs.

Nic said...

DId Bailey and Hurley try to get up to their necks or was it an unpleasant surprise?

Heidi said...

And a good time was had by all. When we go camping I knit in the car. Don't laugh it cuts down on that smoky campfire scent that creeps into every ounce of fabric we own.

Mauren Mureaux said...

But i LOVe that campfire scent. Mmm. It's one of my faves!

Pssst, hey J we live in MD too and we're curious to know where you went to camp it looks like our knid of place?

Anonymous said...

Awesome Dog pics...
I LOVE the one of Hurley carrying the big stick!

Diane said...

It looks like a good time was had by all. Love the watercolor effect picture. So pretty.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful time away. The watercolour picture is very cool!

Lolly said...

So much fun! I love the dog pics!

Large Marge said...

Your pics - as usual - are FAB!!
where did ya'll go?

Jody said...

We went to Point Lookout state park in Southern MD.

It was a great location.

Amie said...

Oscar is such a water dog he sits in water dishes in the summer. Goofball. But I'm not sure if I let him off he wouldn't try to swim to China or something.

Stacey said...

what a great time! I'd love to take my dogs camping - they'd love it!!!

Jinann said...

Wow! Looks like you had a fabulous time! I love the "doggie" pics and the "watercolors". Great job girl!