Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend update

This weekend was so great! The weather was beautiful! On Saturday - Coleen and I hit the Sugarloaf Craft Festival at the MD fairgrounds. We didn't buy too much (gotta save for Sheep and Wool!) but I did buy a cool purse/backpack for me and one for my mom.

I also planted a new garden near my patio. I bought a dogwood tree on Friday and some other plants and finally put them in a new garden bed. I don't know about my other MD neighbors - but my yard is nothing but rocks and clay. It is virtually impossible to dig in my dirt! I had to use a pick ax to get a hole even close to big enough for my tree. I imagine I was quite the site - covered in mud and swinging a pick ax like a lumberjack! Hehe!

But - it's all worth it in the end.

patio garden

I still have to add a few more plants and mulch over everything. I am also going to add a stone border around it all. I'm pleased with the progress so far.

Here are some of my new babies:

Bachelor's Buttons
bachelors buttons


My new dogwood tree:

dogwood closeup

The rest of my yard is in bloom too!
I love the color of these tulips...

orange tulips

orange tulips

My magnolia tree is still blooming.


I love these purple/blue flowers on my Trevi Fountain This picture kind of reminds me of the water falling in the actual Trevi Fountain in Rome...

trevi fountain

There was also some knitting accomplished this weekend. I am onto the sleeves of my Central Park Hoodie. Slow and steady - I can't wait for this project to be finished! I'm getting very excited!

Central Park Hoodie in progress


cindybmw2004 said...

I think it will work well together. Just FYI....bachelor buttons will grow and growwwwww. I started with one plant like you and now they are oh let me guess, everywhere! LOL I 'm bad about dead-heading, so they replanted themselves whereever the seeds land. So in my big flower bed they have taken over 3 places and one of the places is 36" x 30". Love your blog and guess I better quit lurking, huh? :)

danielle said...

Gorgeous! My soil is also largely clay, but not too rocky. Rather, when gardening, I find chunks of beer bottles, GI Joes, wooden boards, and other junk!

PS - I just added you as a Flickr contact. I am "danilou."

Coleen said...

Love the flower pics! I had a great time with you on Saturday.... thanks for going with me!
5 more days.....

Shelby said...

We have loads of clay too- I nearly killed my arms getting the darn hostas out of the ground saturday. Now I have tons of fresh herbs and flowers. Much more cheery.

I love the bachelor buttons- SO pretty!!

Heidi said...

Brilliant! Will be at Sheep and Wool too! I'm counting down the days.

Amy said...

Gorgeous! I especially love the bachelor's buttons.

Jinann said...

Gorgeous plants! And the Central Park Hoody looks fabulous!