Saturday, April 21, 2007

Greetings from Pennsylvania!

I'm visiting my folks this weekend and they FINALLY have high speed internet now! That means - I can even post pics and blog! What a concept!

Anway - I came up this weekend for a friend's baby shower. She LOVED the knit halter top by the way! I ended up buying her a stuffed chicken to wear the outfit. (Her nursery has a barnyarn theme.)



Both the chicken and the top were a hit at her shower!

I also got to spend the afternoon/evening with my grandmother today! She just turned 91!! I think she looks absolutely amazing for her age. She can still get around and we had a great time - we posed for pictures and then made T-shirts with an iron-on image of the three generations - her, my mom and me. We made a t-shirt for each of us.

Here's the photo we chose:

Three Generations

Don't we look cute!

Happy Birthday Grammy!


Anonymous said...

You DO look cute...but why arent you modeling the t-shirts?

The chicken was the perfect choice to model your top too!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to grammy!

And, I agree with Sarah, the chicken was a perfect model :)

Diane said...

Happy birthday to your Grandmother. What a great picture of the three generations.

Amy said...

That's great that the top and chicky were a hit. Your grandma looks great for 91.

Jinann said...

The three of you look fabulous!

Love the "model" for the top!

Amie said...

Love the chicken!

The three of you look so alike (and so beautiful!)

Heidi said...

What a good lookin bunch. When do we get to see the T-shirts?

brsmaryland said...

I love those generational pictures. 91 - that's fantastic! Happy bday to your grandma.

Shelby said...

Looks like you had a great time!! Happy birthday to your grammy! 91 is just amazing!

And the chicken was absolutely the perfect model. I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

The chicken was wonderful! So where are the t-shirts?