Sunday, November 05, 2006


I officially have a yarn hangover! I spent Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Baltimore Convention Center at Stitches East. There were classes, lectures, lace knitting, fashion shows, contests, yarn, roving, needles, and handmade knit items everywhere!
I took three classes:

Friday – I took The Unpattern – Top Down Sweater, with Karen Alfke.

It was fabulous! I can’t believe how easy it is to knit a sweater with circular needles. There is no seaming at all! We knit a teddy bear sized sweater in class so we were able to knit each part of the sweater. We also brought in a sweater that fits us well to measure and plan a new sweater. I even bought yarn (duh) to make my first top down sweater.

On Saturday morning – I took Hole-istic lace with Maureen Mason Jamieson.

I can’t say I learned too much new stuff – but I did pick up some good tips for knitting lace.

On Saturday afternoon I took Knitting on the Edge with Melissa Leapman. and we made all kinds of gorgeous edges I can't wait to try on real things.

Here are some photos of the weekend....

The crowd on Thursday evening waiting to get in...

The Socks that Rock wall!

A little bit of heaven…. Brook’s Farm

Lisa Souza had Lime and Violet sock yarn!! Love her!

These women had the cutest hand knit sweaters!!

And cast your eyes on my haul!!

In addition to it being an great weekend at Stitches - I also got goodies in the mail!

My awesome secret pal sent me a package!!

It had all kinds of cute Halloween stuff on it. (yeah - a little late - but I still loved it!)

She also sent a book – Yarnplay. I am totally in love with the sweater on the front cover!

Even my dogs got a present!

It's not a purse - it's a man bag!


Nic said...

HAHA your dog looks funny. Though he probably would be more responsible with his purchases at Stitches East now wouldn't he.

Scoutj said...

DaYUM that's a haul!

Lolly said...

So, they let you take pictures on Thursday night?? I was a good girl and did not take pics, but I really wish I had!!

WHAT a HAUL! I am glad I got to see you there too, if only for awhile, and while we were well into the "yarn hangover" :)

Large Marge said...

Is that roving I see?
I'm glad you got some great pics. I was chicken!

K. said...

OMG I need to you to yarn heaven aka Stitches...*sigh*

Jinann said...

Wow! You must have had a GREAT time!
(I can't be too jealous since I just went to Rhinebeck, then off to ThreadBear and Rae's Yarn Boutique in Lansing, MI)