Monday, November 20, 2006

Lazy Weekend

I had a nice relaxing weekend. The main reason for this is my husband was away :) He was at Summit Point racetrack driving his car really really fast. Ladies - I highly recommend this place to you - your husbands will go away for a while and leave you home to knit! The one downfall is when they come home - you have to endure endless stories of how he "took that turn like he was on rails!" or how "did you see how tight the line was" and other such nonsense. Just nod your head and smile - it seems to work! (Kind of like what they do when you talk about knitting!)

Anyway - in my free time this weekend - I enjoyed several knitting related (kind of) events. Friday - I went to celebrate the holidays with Mr Mike - owner of Lakeside cafe where we have sit and knit. He graciously invited the knitting group to come to his annual holiday party. There were treats and drinks and I met up with all the knitter gals and had a great time!

Saturday - I went to see a friend's show at Savage Mill. My friend Sheila is an amazing knitter and can crank out a hat in record time! She was in an invitation only art show at the Queen's Ink in Savage Mill. She was selling her hats, stitch markers, magnets, yarn, and other great goodies. I bout a "K1P1", a "knit" and "yo" magnet as well as some yummy green heathery yarn. While I was there - I ran into some of the other knitter gals and we again sat and chatted and watched an elf put on a magic show :) He was actually quite good!

Sunday - was all about the knitting. I finished one one of my Dad's Christmas socks and almost finished a stocking for Mr Mike. (We knit him and his employees stockings to hang over their fireplace). I took the doggies to the dog park and let them run around for an hour or so. That seemed to do the trick - because they slept the rest of the day and left me in relative peace and quiet :)


Large Marge said...

Why doesn't it work for me when I take Frick & Frack to the park?
Frack is STILL telling everyone about the "really real" elf she met! :O)

Shelby said...

I hear you Margaret! My kid goes to gymnastics every saturday, runs crazy for an hour, and I can't even get her to nap for 20 minutes anymore!!

Sounds like you had a great weekend! I'm going to have to come up with a reason for my hubby to actually take the kid somewhere for a few days so I can have a nice and relaxing weekend too. Hmmm....the brain is churning, can you smell the smoke? ;)