Monday, July 17, 2006

Sweaty Weekend

Man it's hot.... It's so hot - that even walking from my car to work - I broke out in a sweat. I'm not normally a sweaty person. I don't really sweat that easily. Sure - if I'm exercising or something I will - but just walking outside in the sun I'm normally able to maintain some form of unsweatiness. But not today and not this entire weekend.

Saturday was great - despite the heat. We went out with some friends on their boat and I had the best time! The heat does't really matter when you're cruising along at 50 miles per hour in a speed boat. I even got up the courage to try riding on this tube thingie while the boat sped along.

Here's a pic of what I mean - neither of these crazy people is Me!

It was both exhilarating and terrifying! I went with my friend's 14 year old daughter - she kept saying "faster! faster!" and giving the thumbs up (go faster sign). I was just screaming bloody murder too terrified to release the death grip I had on the handles to give the slow down (thumbs down) signal. In the end I survived and have a new found respect for the power of teenagers to hold on and never get tired. My arms are so sore today!!

Sunday - was too hot to do much of anything - so I started a sock. My second pair of socks to be exact. I loved this yarn - it's Knit Picks Memories in Redwood Forest.

I'm doing the Knitty pattern - Thuja.

So far - they are coming along well. I took a picture of them next to my amazing canna flower. I thought they complimented each other brillantly.

The flower stalk is almost as tall as me!! Here's another shot of this gorgeous flower:

I got an email from my flip flop exchange pal - I can't wait to get a cool package made up for her!


Debby said...

Hi there! Your canna is so brightly colored. Do you have to take it inside during the winter? How often does it flower?

The sock looks great so far. And I'm not sure I'd have the courage to ride on that raft myself...good for you for being so brave. :)

Javajem said...

This is the first year for this canna and it's first flowering.

I think I will be taking it in for the winter - I hope it survives!


Polly said...

We have to use pot holders when getting into the car now.

I love Cannas if I could grow cannas and papyrus here in Vegas, I would be in my tropical little heaven.