Sunday, July 30, 2006

I'm a Lace Frogger

I just spent my entire eveing trying to knit lace and then ripping it out and trying again. Three times I knit a small area of lace only to drop a stitch or forget where I am in the pattern or lose my YO in the middle of something. I don't think I'll ever be able to do this! I think maybe I should try knitting the lace pattern with a thicker yarn before attempting the lace weight. This stuff is like dental floss! So tiny and thin. I hate that I spent 3 hours knitting and have absolutely nothing to show for it!

I did have a good afternoon of knitting. I met up with Shelby ( the first time I've ever met a fellow blogger - yeah!) and we learned to knit with our "other" hand. We met at Woolwinders yarn salon for their "Sunday in the Salon" lesson. I learned the Continental style of "picking" the yarn with my needle instead of throwing. Shelby already knits with her left hand and throws her yarn - so she learned to do it with her right hand. I must say it felt very awkward at first - but by the end of the 2 hours - I was picking fool. I can definitely see how this method could be faster in the long run. I am still much more comfortable with my right hand - but now I can see the potential for knitting Continental. This also opens the door to Intarsia and Fair Isle knitting with multiple colors. I can't wait to try that!

Anyway - it was a great day. I bought some cool yarn while I was there too - and it was on sale - so I can't feel too guilty - yeah!

I also got a wonderful package in the mail this weekend from my SP8 secret pal! She got me lots of different kinds of yarn - some I had never seen before. She also knit me a felted bag. Thanks so much!

I will post pictures tomorrow - I'm too tired after my unsuccessful lace attempts to break out the camera!


LargeMarge said...

Dude - welcome to my world! All I have to say is LIFELINES!!! They say put them in every pattern repeat or so, I say, for us beginners, every other row!!!

Shelby said...

I agree! I think I started my flower basket shawl 4 times before using them, and when I screw up (which is inevitable), I just pull back to the life line, and can try again. I usually go about 4 rows between them, and pull the first one once I"m sure it's looking right.

It was so much fun to meet you yesterday! Thanks for driving out!

Holly Anne said...

I love you dearly- but I'm glad to see that SOMETHING is finally giving you fits. You have mastered everything else you have tried so quickly, that the one day of frogging lace will let you know how the rest of the knitters feel when learning new projects (like my crochet hat that I have worked and reworked too many times to count this week!!!!!)