Wednesday, July 05, 2006

4th of July Festivities

I went to DC to see the fire works for the first time in my life (and probably the last). Although they were good - it was quite a drama to get there and back in one day! We headed down around 7pm - got there around 8 - waited in line to be "security checked" until 8:45 and then just made it to get seats on the mall by 9 when the fireworks erupted. It was beautiful to see them exploding behind the Washington Monument.

This was actually my second set of fireworks this summer - I saw a homemade version a few nights ago at my friend Margaret's house. It was a fun time with some knitting around the bonfire. We did the traditional smelling of the yarn. (I thought I was the only one that smelled my yarn!) Apparently my friend Hollyanne and her son also enjoy a good wiff of wool!

A good time was had by all and I got to make S'mores! Yum - I think I was only adult at the bonfire with a stick in my hand and marshmellow on my face - but I didn't care. I haven't had S'mores in years! They are just as good as you remember - I suggest running out and making some rightnow!

I also had the honor of initiating a new knitter into the world. My husband's cousin Kelly is now officially a knitter! I taught her the knit and purl stitch and showed her my yarn stash. I also showed her my yarn winder and umbrella - which she totally loved! She said she could just sit and wind yarn all day. I'm so proud!

I started her on her first scarf - but is she is already itching to move on to felted bags and Mason Dixon wash clothes - Yeah! Another muggle crossed over our side :)

Happy Knitting!


jhknits said...

Hilarious! I found your blog the Mason Dixon KAL. I love your muggle analogy. It is sooo accurate! I have been in the DC area for over 10 years and shamefully have never made it ti the fireworks. Enjoy your blog AND your knitting! That Debbie Bliss stash is to die for. Can't wait to see your log cabin! Jennifer

jhknits said...

p.s. AWESOME photo of the fireworks...should be a postcard!

LargeMarge said...

When it gets cold, we roast marshmallows inside almost every night!!!
I'll invite you again if you promise not to go home with my sock next time.

BoS said...

Excellent fireworks picture -- I miss those DC fireworks. We used to sit on a hill near Arlington National Cemetary and watch them, then go home and make homemade banana ice cream and eat ourselves stupid.